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C - Change has over the years generated substantial qualitative and quantitative research data on the culture of academic medicine that is used by medical schools and academic health centers to facilitate many effective innovation and culture change initiatives.

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Nor have men given up the ideal of gender equity. A at found that 65 percent of the fathers they interviewed felt that mothers and fathers should provide equal amounts of caregiving for their children. And in a , 72 percent of both women and men between 18 and 29 agreed that the best marriage is one in which husband and wife both work and both take care of the house.

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The other thing that I think we need to explore, is that it is just as often individuals who identify as women as those who do not, who enforce systemic sexism and gender bias in the workplace. How do we have the conversation about gender-bias and systemic sexism on all levels? Will it be a trickle down, or will it be a movement up? Will it be both? How do those of us who are not leaders engage in this discourse with our administrators without repercussion?

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We need to walk the talk. We, managers and staff alike, need to be good allies. There is no one experience for women or women leaders or women academic librarian leaders, and we need to listen to the experiences of others – not just people who are like us. How do you get people to be supportive and good allies in the workplace? There are certainly best practices to follow such as partnering with campus Human Resources offices to offer training that address sexism, racism, homophobia, and encourage inclusivity. Having others come into your library to offer the training also takes away the idea that the woman leader is the one pushing the agenda. This last thought is crucial. At larger institutions with larger libraries, library administrators can probably dictate these kinds of training without pushback, but at smaller institutions like ours we want to make sure people don’t feel singled out.

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Talk to anyone who has researched the topic of library leadership and gender in the last thirty years and you will get a lot of nodding heads. “Yeah, I read that too.” “Yep, that’s what I was finding.” Librarians are writing and reading and writing and reading about the problems of gender in our profession, but we need to do more.

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But what does the woman leader do when she feels that she’s fighting an uphill battle without allies and is treated differently because of her gender? She must begin to confront the situation and document mistreatment.

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Conducting this survey of the literature, reading about these issues in depth, made us both angry, but it was also an affirming experience because it confirmed that we have not been imagining things. There is a clear gender bias both in how employees view their bosses and what their expectations are for those leaders. The question for us is now: what do we do to change these perceptions, if anything, and more importantly, what can we do to help our peers who understand this struggle and those who will come after us?