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In Latin America many women experience employment discrimination, working in informal jobs that are unregulated. In countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua and Panama, have identified laws that tolerate marital and other forms of rape, and advantage men in marriage over their spouses. There are also widespread issues of sex trafficking of women.

How men and women can help reduce gender bias in the workplace

Throughout Africa there are issues with gender discrimination. Forced marriages, genital cutting, forced sterilisation and forced prostitution are some of the biggest issues that the continent faces. 56 per cent of women in Tanzania and 71 per cent of women in Ethiopia’s rural areas Even when laws are implemented to combat these abuses, simply passing legislation isn’t sufficient. Often enforcement infrastructure doesn’t exist. However, work is being done to change this. In Rwanda, for example, gender desks are being established at police stations, where people can go for help in domestic violence issues. In Burkina Faso, education campaigns supporting the outlawing of genital cutting were added to the curriculum in 1996.

Based on the information above it becomes clear that gender discrimination isn’t as simple as most people believe. Those who write on the topic tend to have an agenda to support, and are often not objective. Many of the issues that people put down to direct discrimination against women in the western world regarding work, education, employment and legal right are either down to personal or cultural choices made by women, or misconceptions about the facts. Arguably, focusing on these misrepresentations damages important discussion on very serious gender issues such as sexual violence, or serious rights discrepancies in parts of the world that don’t enjoy the same levels of equality that Europe, the USA and other nations do.