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to germinate and need to sprout.
Soaked seeds in fresh warm water for 7 days then placed in baggy with damp cocopeat. Sprayed with neem oil and placed on computer monitor. Of the three seeds two sprouted within 7 days, an still waiting on the third. Seeds must be fresh! Subsequent growth is very slow and have been waiting on the first leaf for a month now.

Nonogaki H (2014) Seed dormancy and germination – emerging mechanisms and new hypotheses. Frontiers in Plant Science 5: 233.

Germination is the process of seeds developing into new plants

Step 1:
Soak seeds in a glass of distilled water for around 24 hours (pictured above). The seeds generally float at first, sinking to the bottom after a few hours. If seeds don’t sink give them a gentle tap. If they still float the seeds may not be viable but you should attempt to try them anyway.

Step 2:
Take a clean dinner plate and lay two sheets of kitchen towels on top of it. Moisten the kitchen towels with distilled water (if possible, otherwise tap water will do), making sure to drain off any excess water.

Step 3:
Place the weed seeds in the middle of the moist kitchen towel and cover with two additional sheets of moist kitchen towel. Place an additional plate on top and place in a warm, dark place. The ideal temperature would be between 70-90F or 21-28C. Ensure the seeds remain evenly moist but do not get swamped with water.

Step 4:
After around 5-6 days (although occasionally longer depending on your strain) your seeds should have developed tap roots (white shoots). At this point they are ready to be moved to your grow medium. If no shoots are present the seeds may never germinate, although you should still plant the seeds in your chosen medium. They may still grow and can be removed from the grow environment if they appear weak or do not grow.

Baskin CC and Baskin JM (2014) Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography and Evolution of Dormancy and Germination. San Diego: Academic Press.

... are to germinate and need to sprout.
I purchased 100 seed from RPS and soaked for 2 days, I then sowed them in a 7 gallon pots outside that contained 60% organic (pine bark) and 40% perlite and with regular watering I achieved great success, Near 89% during the first warm month of spring.

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Nakabayashi K, Bartsch M, Xiang Y, et al. (2012) The time required for dormancy release in Arabidopsis is determined by DELAY OF GERMINATION 1 protein levels in freshly harvested seeds. Plant Cell 24: 2826–2838.

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If you are to germinate 10 marijuana seeds you would expect to have a germination rate of around 80% meaning you have 8 viable seeds that will have sprouted and can be planted in the medium of your choice. Whether they survive will depend on the viability of the seeds and how well nurtured they are.

don't waste your seeds with bad germination ..

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Germinated 6 of 10 seeds in mid winter and kept indoors for first winter. Spent entire following summer, with temps over 100 F, outside and unprotected in a black plastic container, in potting soil for cactus. Then the following winter unprotected with night time temps very commonly under 32 F, in the pot. They stayed green and healthy the whole time, and are all around 1ft. tall. I have always made sure they never dried out. It's April 5th and just put them in the ground. Pahrump, NV (89048) Weather Facts. On average, the warmest month is July. The highest recorded temperature was 115°F in 1972. December is the average coolest month. The lowest recorded temperature was -2°F in 1990. The maximum average precipitation occurs in February. The lowest precipitation occurs in June. Average high in July is 100 F, in December is 58 F. Average low in December is 26 F, in July is 67 F

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Soaking is one of simplest and most successful ways of germinating your marijuana seeds. Growers simply place seeds in a cup of warm, distilled tap water and leave to soak for between 24 and 48 hrs. During this time the hard seed casing will crack and tap roots will show. Once tap roots are visible, the seeds are ready to be put between paper towels, cotton wool or in a medium like rockwool to begin sprouting.

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