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First time in Nicaragua and you don't know how to move around the country?

17 Things to Know Before You Go to León, Nicaragua

We all take pride in getting to know our guests as this is the way we have built a long list of returning guests and referrals. It is our goal to make sure all of our guests are truly satisfied with their stay.

Getting Residency in Nicaragua - Nicaragua Community

At the Mariposa we try and help the environment as well as the local community through everything we do. We are not 100% organic or 100% solar yet (more like 90%) but do our best to continuously improve both our local environment and contribute positively to global issues like climate change. We are not perfect by any means and we learn all the time, mostly through the amazing knowledge of our workers, also often from students and volunteers.

Our gardens and woodland, though only a couple of acres are open for easy going strolls (almost certainly accompanied by one or more dogs!) and even some serious bird watching. Our efforts in planting trees (including Cedros, Guanacaste, Cenizero and the Marango, also known as the miracle tree) and extending the woodland garden have encouraged wildlife. We have built feeding and watering stations for the butterflies, birds, iguana, squirrels and possums who also live at the Mariposa. We still produce some of our own organic coffee though less and less as we give the land back to nature.

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