the impact of globalization on public health and infectious diseases

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In 2003, the World Trade Organization adopted an intellectual property agreement that allows developing countries to produce some patented drugs at cheaper prices, provided they are sold only in other developing countries, and further affirms that trade agreements should not interfere with a government’s efforts to address public health challenges.

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Research: Increased spending on ways to treat and identify diseases will be essential to meeting the international public health challenges of the future. As diseases inevitably develop resistance to medicines, new treatments must constantly be developed.

Improved sanitation and living conditions: Basic expenditures by developing countries on public health infrastructurewhich can include improved nutrition and food safety testing, increased access to safe water, and proper sewage disposalcan yield enormous savings.

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Public health needs new tools not only to track the rise of drug-resistant pathogens, but also to keep up with the globalization of the world’s food supply. CDC’s advanced molecular detection pilot effort last year showed the power of these new tools; genetic characterization of a pathogen sped our response to a Listeria outbreak. Americans depend on state and local public health agencies and on CDC to protect them from microbial threats, whether these threats emerge in nature or are created by those who wish us harm. We require state-of-the-art technologies to expand and speed our ability to respond to these threats.

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New technologies will also improve global health security. Only one in five nations now can effectively detect, respond to or prevent emerging threats from infectious agents. By contributing to improvements overseas such as training public health experts, strengthening lab surveillance and strengthening facilities to investigate disease outbreaks, we not only make these nations safer but also make the United States more secure.

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HPV — human papillomavirus — is a cancer virus. The HPV vaccine can protect the next generation against deadly cancers. Uptake has been too slow, but doctors can make all the difference as a doctor’s recommendation is the single most important factor in parent’s decision whether to vaccinate their children. CDC has developed evidence-based tools to help doctors have this important discussion with parents. This is a great example of the impact public health can have improving the health return from our investments in clinical medicine.

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Public health collaboration with clinical care has never been more important. As public health experts, we can support clinical care by providing data and measures; offering high-impact public health services that protect communities; supporting clinical services with maximum health benefit; linking community and clinical services and activities; and focusing on initiatives such as the Million Hearts campaign to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017.