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ZTE Corp., one of China’s largest telecom equipment manufacturers, has agreed to a record high settlement with the U.S. government over exports of controlled technology to Iran and North Korea….

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A South Korean court has ruled in favor of North Korea Tech and against the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) over the decision to block the website in South Korea for…

North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a website, making it the highest profile government ministry yet to launch a site on the global Internet.

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Strava’s heat map of user activity has been raising some eyebrows for detailing movement of people around military bases, but what does it tell us about North Korea? As you…

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A common question I get is whether it’s possible to watch North Korean TV live. There are several sources available with different levels of reliability and quality. Broadcasts begin at…

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With the second full day of competition ended at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, North Korea’s KCTV has yet to feature any coverage. On Sunday, the broadcaster included several still…

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As historian DaeSook Suh has noted, chuch'e is "not the philosophical exposition of an abstract idea; rather it is firmly rooted in the North Korean people and Kim Il Sung." In the decades since the departure of Soviet occupation forces in 1948, and as the party leadership gradually has grown more confident in its management of various problems, the system has been somewhat modified in response to specific domestic circumstances.

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The essence of chuch'e is to apply creatively the general principles of Marxism and Leninism in the North Korean way (woorisik-dero salja).


With the PyeongChang Winter Olympics coming up, one of the issues for North-South discussion is television access for Korean Central Television. That because Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), one of South Korea’s…

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North Korea has suffered widespread food shortages during the past two decades. Since 2005, Canada has provided over $33 million to support the international humanitarian response in North Korea. Canada’s humanitarian assistance funding is channeled through experienced multilateral partners such as the UN World Food Programme and UNICEF, whose work is guided by the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. Canada does not provide any humanitarian assistance funding to the Government of North Korea nor to North Korean organizations. Canada closely monitors this multilateral programming through interactions with partners and through regular and ongoing reporting.