If Hamlet were more devoted to his father, ..

The ghost of Hamlet’s father influences him to seek revenge and prove Claudius’ guilt.
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Hamlet learns from the ghost that Claudius killed his father

As Hamlet becomes more uncertain and unable to avenge his father’s death, his emotional saturation and lack of physical confidence propels himself and other characters further into discord and tragedy.

You decide.) Hamlet wasa college student at Wittenberg when his father died.
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Was Hamlet's father murdered by ..

In the play's backstory, Fortinbras's father, the other Fortinbras, was killed in combat by King Hamlet, giving Fortinbras the same as Hamlet.

Or perhaps Hamlet is simplythinking a lot about his father, or holding onto his good memories.
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When the crowd watching the duel finds out about the poison, no one helps Claudius by stopping Hamlet from killing him and thus Hamlet finally completes his fathers wishes

His father's ghost asks Hamlet to avenge his death and Hamlet agrees....
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Sweet Gertrude, leave us too;
For we have closely sent for Hamlet hither,
That he, as 'twere by accident, may here
Affront Ophelia:
Her father and myself, lawful espials,
Will so bestow ourselves that, seeing, unseen,
We may of their encounter frankly judge,
And gather by him, as he is behaved,
If 't be the affliction of his love or no
That thus he suffers for.

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So far as I know, it's the first time this theme -- now so common -- appeared in world literature.Hamlet, our hero, is the son of the previous king of Denmark,also named Hamlet ("Old Hamlet", "Hamlet Senior" as we'd say),who has died less than two months ago.

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Hamlet remembers his father as an all-around good guy, andas a tender husband who would even make a special effort toshield his wife's face from the cold Danish wind.

The publishers say that this life of St

Is anything in life really worth it?Hamlet struggles with these issues indecisively for five acts, soliloquizing, soliciting players, practicing his fencing technique , insulting his elders, talking to gravediggers, smelling skulls, , and getting into fights with everyone not named Horatio.

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Zoe Laboure came by her goodness honestly, for her father and mother werepious country folk. The father, Pierre, was born in 1767. He entered theseminary in his teens but, after a few years, gave up the idea of the priesthoodand took to farming. His grandchildren, in testimony before the BeatificationTribunal of 1909, blamed the French Revolution for his change of heart. This wasevidently a family tradition and must be respected as such; however, the factsindicate that the Revolution discouraged rather than obstructed the vocation ofPierre Laboure. He was already twenty-two when the Revolution broke out, an agewhen he would have been well along in his theological studies, and even inorders, were he still in the seminary. Furthermore, the Church was not hamperedin her functioning, nor the seminaries closed, at once. The Constitutional Oathwas not demanded until 1790, and the Days of the Terror, when persecution andmartyrdom began in dead earnest, did not strike until 1793, some months afterPierre was married. Probably the shadow of the coming Revolution gave PierreLaboure pause in his leanings toward the priesthood and, after an honestsearching of his soul, he decided that God had other plans for him.