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Life of Hernando Cortes (London, 1871) reprinted as The Life Of Hernando Cortes V1

Hernan Cortez biography - Aztec History

Hernan Cortes was born in Medellin in 1484 and went to Españolain 1506 to mine gold, but Governor Ovando made him a notary. Duringthe conquest of Cuba led by Diego Velazquez, Cortes was responsiblefor making sure the King got one-fifth of the profits from goldand slaves. In 1514 Cortes led a group that wanted more nativesfor the settlers. He became secretary for Governor Velazquez butwas arrested for refusing to wed Catalina; after an escape andrecapture, he married her. Cortes was appointed of Santiago.

Hernando Cortes - ELIZABETHAN ERA

Hernando Cortes wanted to find gold and silver in the New World.

Hernando Cortes was a Spanish conquistador who is most famous for his conquests in Mexico. While it was the age of discovery and many European kingdoms benefited largely, very few explorers and soldiers of the era got as rich as Cortes. His personal conquests during the explorations won him land, precious metals and enormous power. The Hernando Cortes major accomplishments inspired innumerable conquistadors to venture out to the New World, partly in search for land and partly to amass a fortune.

It became the capital of Spanish America. Hernando Cortes became the governor. He also acted as the chief justice and captain general as sanctioned by King Charles I.