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The treatment of homosexuals in both Cuba and China has dramatically improved in the last few decades. Where they were once rounded up and put into forced labor camps in Cuba and publicly executed in China, homosexuals in both countries now hold ambiguous legal status. They are subject to the occasional police raid, fines, and harassment by the state. They are banned from Party membership, and as a consequence, state jobs.

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"Oh," said the driver, "he must be in the other car."With a mixture of denial and acceptance, discomfort and support, Chinese society is recognizing that homosexuality exists--hundreds of years after Western missionaries noted the prevalence of love between Chinese men.

From a burgeoning gay bar scene in Beijing to semi-open wedding ceremonies in Shanghai and a renewed nationwide AIDS hot line, China's small gay population has begun to come out of the closet after years of arrests and social ostracism.Chinese researchers recently announced for the first time their estimate of the number of homosexuals in China--between 40 million and 50 million in a population of 1.2 billion.

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I am trying to stay far away from marriage. While I am in Dubai, I don't sense the pressure from my family for the time being. But that day will come if I return to China. I wish to stay abroad, so that I can escape the fate of having to start a family.

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Homosexuality is heavily referenced in ancient Chinese literature, and gay culture in China dates to the beginning of Chinese civilization (Reuters 7 July 2000, 28 Jan. 2001, Agence France-Presse 15 Jan. 2001). Unlike Europe during the Middle Ages, however, high-profile persecution of Chinese homosexuals did not occur ( 28 Jan. 2001).

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It wasn't until the 20th century that homosexuals in China became marginalized and regarded as deviant. "Since 1949, in an ironic reversal...China, as part of the process of 'modernization,' [chose] to abandon traditional attitudes for the historical Western view of homosexuality as a perversion...Under the forty-year rule of the Communist government, social acceptance of homosexuality has virtually disappeared" (Ng 3 July 2000).

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When she emerged from the hospital, she shaved her head in an act of rebellion and found a girlfriend, people who know of her said.But Zhang Beichuan, a doctor who has studied homosexuality in China for more than a decade, noted: "In China, we really don't have the radical conservatives and the radical liberation activists that you do in the West.

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At the same time, we don't have gay and lesbian parades.""I wish for a day when we live like the Chinese proverb says: 'Radishes or cabbage, everybody's got the thing they love,' " said Zhang, who publishes a magazine called Friends, designed to let China's gay community know that homosexuality is not a sickness and that safe sex is a matter of life and death.Slowly, it appears China is making steps toward Zhang's ideal.

Australia has allowed homosexuals to serve openly since 1992

(It remains outlawed in 20 American states.) Homosexuality is still officially considered a perversion by the Chinese medical establishment, but the state has stopped committing homosexuals to mental institutions and administering electric shocks to "cure" them.