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Ok, so below is my list of the best places to buy diamonds online, IMHO 😉

Hearts On Fire | The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

For most, buying a diamond is a significant investment. Often the occasion involves not only a financial commitment, but an emotional one as well. In this Diamond Buying Guide you will find the information you need to learn how to buy a diamond, including an engagement diamond buying guide and a step by step guide to buying diamonds.

Info and tips, list of valuable articles made to educate and inform you. Helpful information for any diamond buyer.

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Brian Gavin, a fifth generation diamond cutter has created some of the most astoundingly beautiful signature cuts. Brian and his father, Benjamin Gavin, researched and refined the well known “Hearts and Arrows” design. They applied their knowledge in the fields of light dispersion and performance, based on five generations of experience to achieve a remarkable improvement on the standard hearts and arrows design, enhancing what’s known as the performance quality of the final product. The result is an amazing augmentation in the stone’s light reflective performance under all lighting conditions. The design has been available since March 2009, and it is a marvel of engineering and design. To find anything close to this quality at a bricks-and-mortar store you’d be looking at 3 to 4 times the price. Their unbelievable work and commitment to excellence will undoubtedly play an important part in making one of the most special days of your life that much better.

Diamond Trading Company (DTC) To buy diamonds at the DTC it is necessary to be a member

We work with various diamond dealers based in the Hatton Garden diamond district in London, who sell thousands of diamonds a year. Unlike high street retailers who have a low stock turnover and charge high mark-ups, diamond dealers sell with low margins and turn over their stock regularly. We can place your stone with any of several dealers who are likely to pay a higher cash asking price than a retailer.

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Ritani has a unique “clicks and bricks” model that blends online shopping and brick-and-mortar stores. It is a beautiful website in regards to design and navigability. Ritani offers engagement and wedding rings both online and via a network of independently-owned jewelry stores. You can design your ring on the Web, then try it on in-store with no obligation to purchase. The Ritani website provides all the elements one would hope to find when shopping online for diamonds. The diamonds in their inventory are cut for maximum sparkle, and you can view their diamonds and fine jewelry from all angles. All of Ritani’s custom engagement rings are designed and handcrafted in New York. Ritani artistry is truly a thing of beauty. Ritani makes each customer feel special by tailoring the service to each customer’s needs, ensuring they get expert answers and the best advice, with no rushing, so they are certain they have made the right decision. The Ritani Gemologists provide expert guidance so that customers have all the information needed to make the right choice in diamonds. Consultations include high-definition videos, images, and in-depth analysis of their expert-cut diamonds not available anywhere else — all free of charge.

Immerse yourself in the making of legends at Cullinan Diamonds.

James Allen has been real good for consumers. Their 360° Diamond Display Technology has caught the attention of both online shoppers and diamond manufacturers worldwide. Shoppers get to browse through a huge selection, and manufacturers are eager to showcase their best stuff on such a magnificent platform. Customers of James Allen report that great service is still alive and well. That’s just one of the great things they are known for. One very important and exceptional reason people turn to James Allen to find a diamond is because of the high resolution images of all the stones listed. If you want to get a close look at what you are getting and examine your precious stone, James Allen offers a high resolution image of every stone they list. How many? The total is updated in realtime but I have never seen less than 20,000 diamonds listed at . Sometimes there are up to 100,000 diamonds! With excellent prices and outstanding service you are certain to find something to your liking. They also have a streamlined system which makes it possible for them to process your order very fast. Certainly faster than many other retailers in this business. Positive reviews for this company are in the thousands!

Loose Diamonds - a Buying Guide | The Diamond Pro

I just want to point out that David Braverman
offers exceptional value on above average size diamonds for engagement rings. I recommend checking out his website if you are looking for larger diamonds say 2 ct. or larger, whether Round brilliant, Princess, or Cushion, etc.