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Easy step by step photo tutorial and video to make corn tortillas at home

How to make corn tortillas at home

I’ve never mixed masa harina with corn flour, so I can’t tell you how well it would work. However, I have made corn tortillas using a mixture of corn flour and wheat flour; you can take a look at that recipe here Enjoy!

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[…] , some crumbled cheese and some Crema fresca, ( substitute with creme fresh) . If you need to also make your own corn tortillas, I also have a recipe again using substitute ingredients. But don’t worry because both of the […]

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excellent tips! I love corn tortillas and It's nice to see that it is not too complicated to make. I know that homemade corn tortillas are suppose to be far better than the store bought ones. I can't wait to try this one out

May 31, 2016 · It never fails to amaze me how great corn tortillas work as tacos

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For this recipe I have never tried using any other flour besides the wheat. You know I always wanted to try doing just the yellow corn flour, be never got around to experiment with it (I live in Mexico now and have plenty of masa harina and tortillas available). Masa harina is pure corn flour, though different than the yellow corn flour, but perhaps you can get lucky with doing 100% yellow corn flour?…

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Made for the first time, had to grind my own corn flour, as we only have polenta / grits style available or cornstarch. Def no masa in South Africa. Think the dough not quite moist enough, and more salt needed, but not bad for first attempt, and finally used the press I bought, but not sure it presses thin enough… Have a photo but don’t know how to upload, don’t see option :) having with 5 bean mix tonight, chipotle salsa and guacamole, with a tofu sour cream. Yeah!

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One of my most vivid and fondest childhood memories is being sent to the local tortilleria everyday, sometimes twice, for our daily kilo or so of fresh corn tortillas for our meals. The lines where always long, but just being there and smelling the tortilla dough, feeling the heat and smelling the tortillas as they came off piping hot from the conveyor belt was a great sensory experience. I always had to eat at least one on the walk back home, I just loved it and miss it terribly.

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I have never seen a wooden tortilla press, I have a metal one that I got for Christmas last year. Along with a husband who makes the tortillas for our tacos. Here in Australia I am yet to find good corn flour for tortillas.

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I have lived in Texas all my life and make regular, masa harina corn tortillas. I just moved to Luanda, Angola, Africa, and have been able to make great mexican food with the local meats and produce…but they just have fine corn flour, not the masa flour I find in every Texas grocery store. I was delighted to find your recipe! Thank you.