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YES, you can melt rock, fuse glass and even boost an I.C.E

That is the good news, as far as what is possible. New paradigms such as those will not be achieved, however, until humanity has accepted responsibility for what exists today. For Pasteur, Rockefeller, Fishbein, and gang could not have played their games if the human race did not allow them to. We are all sovereign, divine beings, yet the medical racket could not function if people did not give their responsibility away. There truly are no victims, and until people stop giving their responsibility and power to others, this deadly game will continue until humanity exterminates itself. The choice is ours. Many people are pursuing the paradigms outlined in this essay, but they are a tiny fraction of humanity. This essay must now deal with an issue that not many readers will enjoy reading, but it must be understood, if the current paradigm is to be overturned. We always have been, and currently are, responsible for our fate. Nobody needs to blame John D. Rockefeller for today’s situation.

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The racketeering impulse has been with Western medicine for many years and is deeply embedded today. The rise of the Western medical paradigm coincided with the rise of the corporation and new kinds of empires. The reason that American medical doctors are the highest-paid professionals on Earth is not because they perform valuable work. They are technicians in what is arguably the West's greatest racket, in which the power of life and death is in the hands of the world's most lucrative professions and industries. The fact that only violent methods of cancer treatment are legal is no accident. Here are two quotes from .

Elected governments are false fronts coordinated by a global shadow government.
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