5 Indeed the French and Indian War ..

Which was NOT a result of the French and Indian War ..
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Following the French and Indian War, ..

Another innovative act by our armed forces was a new version of trench warfare. During the ground war, the USA deployed vehicles that were essentially tanks with bulldozer blades. The ground war, as with the air war, was not a war in any meaningful sense. It was another "turkey shoot," and entire armored divisions of Iraq's army were decimated without returning even one effective shot. The surviving Iraqi soldiers were generally fleeing, hiding in their bunkers, or rushing to surrender. Many thousands of Iraqi soldiers were huddled in trenches and bunkers, and some attempted to mount a pitiful defense to the juggernaut bearing down on them. The tank-bulldozers performed an unprecedented act: they approached the trenches and bunkers and filled them with earth, burying thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive. It qualified as another war crime. Not one American was killed in the live entombment of thousands of Iraqi soldiers.

Queen Anne’s War begins between the French and English in North America. It was known in Europe as the War of Spanish Succession.
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United States stole the islands in the Spanish-American War

In Southern Spanish America, José de St. Martín led revolutionary efforts in Argentina and Chile, and he was the first to defeat royal forces in Peru, to later allow Bolivar to finish the job, which was not complete until 1825, when the Peruvian highlands were rid of the last royalist resistance. That upland region became Bolivia. Bolivar had grand plans to unite South America into a confederation, much as the English colonists had formed the USA, but his plans came to naught, and by 1828 he had become Colombia’s dictator. In 1829, Venezuela proclaimed its independence from Colombia, and when Bolivar died in 1830, he was largely a pariah and Venezuela would not even allow his body to be buried on its soil.

leads overthrow of French government. He begins war with neighbors in 1803 and crowns himself Emperor in 1804
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Project Censored's number-six story for 1991 exposed one of the many lies and inventions George Bush told as he prepared the public for war. On September 11, 1990, Bush surprisingly announced that the main reason that America had troops in the Gulf was because Iraq threatened to invade Saudi Arabia, and the Pentagon said Iraq had 250,000 troops and 1,500 tanks in Kuwait, based on satellite images. The public never saw those images, but Russian satellite images showed that no such military buildup existed.

Frenchman , finds it deserted, depopulated by disease left by de Soto’s expedition and other European-introduced epidemics.
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The breaks out in Europe between the imperial powers, England and France most notably. The Third Carnatic War in India between France and England breaks out at this time.

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Inspired by the American and French revolutions, lead a successful revolution against the French colonial masters. The USA, with its millions of slaves, would not officially recognize Haiti until the American Civil War. The U.S. Army suffers it greatest proportional defeat ever, at the hands of Native Americans, as it .

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The U.S. Congress passes the Alien Act and the . The Sedition Act makes it a crime to criticize American government officials. The Alien Act authorizes summary deportations of “aliens.” It is specifically intended to rid the nation of people with revolutionary ideas, such as French and Irish immigrants.

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by the American Commodore Perry forces Japan into the world economy. Expanding rail system allows mass “hunting” and from American Midwest to markets in east. Passenger pigeon population begins collapsing. Seal fur trade collapses in North Atlantic. begins, in the first great struggle of the great European powers, which would eventually lead to the World Wars of the 20th century.

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Chinese uprising against foreign occupation becomes the Boxer “Rebellion.” It is put down by foreign troops, including American, British, French, Russian, Japanese, and German troops.