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The Odyssey, on the other hand, is pure fiction, and one must strainto correlate its plot with any actual geography or history; it has beencalled the first science fiction novel.In any case, these stories remain the mostancient European literature that we have intact;because of their lively pacing and vivid charactersthey still have strong appeal for modern readers.

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especiallyBarry Powell), the In fact Odysseus' adventures were from early timesidentified with geographic features around Italy: Calypso's Ogygia with Malta,Polyphemus' island with Sicily, Scylla and Charybdis with the Straits ofMessina, etc.Homer ("Homer") must have heard many sailors'tales or perhaps even traveled west himself.

The is like a sequel to the , for it centers on Odysseus and his struggle to get back home after the Trojan War.
Here is a brief account of the and the .
A long, long time ago, there was a girl named Helen who lived in Greece.