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Robert Frost became known as “America’s Poet” because of his significance in American culture.
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The boy learns balance by climbing to the top branches but only to jump down.
The boy lives an exhilarating childhood, making the man desire to return to his adolescence.
As the man dreams of returning to his childhood, leaving his adult responsibilities behind, he realizes Earth or his present is where he belongs.
Even though he returns to his present, he still continues to reminisce his adolescence.
Paraphrasing the content
Form, Style, and Rhyme Scheme
The poem is a blank verse that consists of 10 syllables per line, no rhyme, five iambs (metrical feet that have two syllables; one unstressed followed by stressed)
It's a lyric poem because the Frost shares his emotions about his childhood
Frost has a descriptive style using vivid imagery and figurative language to appeal to the readers' senses
Figurative Language
The poem is very stylistically rich.

Figurative language explains the method poets use to describe a factor by comparing another factor.
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It is still concerned, primarily, with the use of language, generally to communicate some meaning to the reader in a way that is undeniably linguistic in nature.

Frost’s poetry continues to claim a place in the hearts of today’s readers....
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He uses nature as a background metaphor in which he usually begins a poem with an observation of something in nature and then moves towards a connection to some human situation.

Frost uses nature as a metaphor, primarily, in his poems to express the intentions of his poems.
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The poems I chose for this paper highlight them, and with Frost’s allegory, they present a sort of silver lining to the string of dark and dreary words he’s pieced together for these poems.

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These philosophical and spiritual subjects gave birth to a movement, in which writers and poets examined the concepts of being, religion, and other fields from a logical viewpoint, opposed to one based in emotion....

Nature is not simply a background for poetry, ..

Poetry is often used in prose as a mechanic to show a character’s own thoughts and feelings; most of the characters’ poems never coincide with the writer’s own thoughts, except for rare cases....

This death might either be of life itself, or of writing poetry.

Emerging out of the Petrarchan era, metaphysical poetry brought a whole new way of expression and imagery dealing with emotional, physical and spiritual issues of that time.

On the Road to Change: A Poetic Comparison

Elliot, he is one of the most famous canonical Modernist poets: a genre of literature characterized by the use of free verse, concision, and a more musical sound to their writings (Surette)....

On the Road to Change: A Poetic Comparison ..

Most people have come to believe that poetry was so widely used due to the fact that it was far easier to memorize then prose, and during the time of texts like the Odyssey, oral recitation was the number one way of relaying information from one individual to another....