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The final battle for Mexico City took place at the fortified hill of Chapultepec.

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1913, with at least tacit agreement of the American ambassador in Mexico, a
military coup removed Madero from government and he was then assassinated.

General Victoriano Huerta sought to reimpose a Diaz-type dictatorship
supported by the large landowners, the army, and the foreign companies, but
the tide of revolution could not be stopped so easily.

W., To the Halls of the Montezumas: The Mexican War in the American Imagination (1985; repr.

Mexican Revolution And The Great War - World history

Alvaro Obregon, an able general who had
learned the new tactics of machine guns and trenches from the war raging in
Europe and had beaten Villa's cavalry in a series of bloody battles in 1915,
emerged as leader of the government.

As much as the Mexican Revolution had its own internal dynamic, it is
interesting to note that it was roughly contemporaneous with revolutions in
other agrarian societies which had also just undergone a period of rapid and
disruptive modernization.

That nationalist sentiment played a role in each of these

By 1920 the period of civil war was ended and Mexico began to consolidate
the changes that had taken place in the previous confused and bloody decade.
Obregon was elected president in that year, and he was then followed by a
series of presidents from the new "revolutionary elite" who sought to
consolidate the new regime.