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Incidences of child trafficking and selling have occurred at Kunming City’s  and  areas.

US to say China among worst on human trafficking - India…

“There have been many instances where we have seen that professional human traffickers from Bangladesh after marrying a girl from a remote area in the State elopes back home and after keeping her in the country for some time, finally sells her to brothels in metros of India,” said Srivastava, adding that the number of duped girls, who are being duped by this racket of human traffickers, is increasing in the State.

US to say China among worst on human trafficking

The Don Bosco National Forum for Youth at Risk is a major partner of India Foundation and extends service to hundreds of children who are victims of war, conflict, natural calamities, sexual exploitation, trafficking and HIV/AIDS.

Ministry of Public Security (MPS) statistics show that during the first 10 months of the year, there were 1,949 cases of trafficking involving women and children.

Human Trafficking and Prostitution in India | A …

Although the numbers are difficult to quantify, reports indicate that as many as 70%-80% of all North Korean women who enter China illegally are victims of trafficking.

Human Trafficking and Prostitution in India

Which arm of the State — women and child development, , police, or home affairs if there is border-crossing — has failed to do its job in each of these cases, and which is responsible for ensuring that the trafficked person gets a livelihood and a respectable life?

China Vice Busts Human Trafficking Ring

If China is known for harvesting and selling organs from executed prisoners, the other countries have been dealing essentially with living donors, becoming stakeholders in the fast-growing human trafficking web.

and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Socio Economic Development with support from United Nations Development Fund for Women says that is the heart of child trafficking and accounts for over 43 percent of the cases.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in India

Women and children are trafficked to China from such countries as Mongolia, Burma, North Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Romania, and Ghana for purposes of forced labor, marriage, and sexual slavery.-

Child trafficking in China often starts with parents selling their ..

2.2 crore to CAP (Child and Police project), a Hyderabad-based NGO, to provide IT skills training to victims of human trafficking as well as vulnerable communities at risk of trafficking.

China: Sex Work and Human Trafficking (Part 1)

China's skewed sex ratio (118 boys to 100 girls) serves as a key source of demand for the trafficking of foreign women as brides for Chinese men and forced prostitution.