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The differences within intercultural communication are the most challenging problems.

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A way to solve this is by using competent communicator and intercultural communication because it makes it easier for people from other cultures to communicate in general.

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Matsumoto & Juang state “Effective intercultural communication is perforate with challenges, and recent research demonstrates a key role for a psychological process known as emotion regulation” (2013).

Although people use different avenues to express their thoughts and ideas, intercultural communication can be misconstrued when learning to understand different customs....

Language and Intercultural Communication: Vol 18, No 1

Intercultural communication can help in getting rid of the stereotype of different cultures and understand as well as accept the other culture (MacAloon, 2013).

Intercultural Education: Vol 28, No 6

COJO educates students and the broader UW community about the importance of communication in any career or life path. COJO offers guidance and instruction on successful interpersonal, intercultural, diversity, global, public, and media communication. COJO strives to expose and instruct students to the cutting edge media production technologies and media research. COJO strives to engage students to critical, analytical, and challenging thinking and reasoning in communication such that they are thoughtful and deliberative citizens. COJO’s goals are to empower students to listen to and critique their communicative environments (private and public) and to empower students to create and produce their own successful communication messages.

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With a degree in COJO, your career opportunities include media production, public relations, journalism, advertising, photography, marketing communication, web design, human relations, consulting, higher education, sales, management, business promotion, law school, diversity training, and graduate school.

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COJO knows that you want a solid education on which to base your communication or media career. You want engaging and . You want confidence in your communication abilities and media skills. And, you want opportunities to start building your career now. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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Intercultural communication is going to be a tremendous part of our future and as individuals it will be part of our personal, social and professional relationships.