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Last year, on October 21, your digital video recorder ­- or at least a DVR like yours ­- knocked Twitter off the internet. Someone used your DVR, along with millions of insecure webcams, routers, and other connected devices, to launch an attack that started a chain reaction, resulting in Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, and many sites going off the internet. You probably didn't realize that your DVR had that kind of power. But it does.

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Let the existing internet stand, so that its (frankly essential) black market and slum can still exist. It can remain an information highway choked with billboards, full of hiding places, but alongside an internet of personal responsibility, the existing internet would become strategically subcritical.

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My thought exactly. We know that the government engages in "stress tests" of the financial system and the banking industry. So it would be expected that they would do the same thing with the internet. I'm deeply puzzled by Bruce's insistence that this must be a foreign actor. Someone say recently, "security researchers came to the conclusion that attribution was hard, then they promptly forgot it." This essay seems more evidence of that.

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