Embryo cloning, adult DNA cloning and therapeutic cloning

It is replaced with the nucleus of a donor cell taken from the organism being cloned.

Nimrods Tomb Found: Cloning of Nimrod and Osiris …

As the Earth rotates the dark caught on the night side can then be pulled off, this causing the absence of dark known as Day.
What we call light bulbs are truly dark suckers as well.

In therapeutic cloning, growth happens in a lab environment and creates tissues.

Sin is inherited from your father, not your mother

There is surprisingly little blood, but there's a certain amount of disarray in the operating room (O.R.) when as many as eight doctors have their hands and arms inside the cadaver, working quickly to disconnect the organs from their many vessels.

This is a key point to remember when examining different views on whether or not clones have souls.

Whoa, Whoa, okay. God is not an opinion, He's a fact. HE MADE EVERYTHING! A bunch of complicated, confusing, half-true theories vs. the Savior and Creator of the Universe. We see his wonders every day, every minute. You think it's coincidence that you're alive? Coincidence that everything just 'happens' to work the way it does? Why do we try to explain everything when the explanation is all around us, GOD!!!

In particular, it holds that a person’s sin nature is inherited from Adam via his or her father.

Why is human cloning considered ..

True, the lesser the office, the less likely the office holder will take up certain issues. Your city council, for example, perhaps will never take up the issue of human cloning but may take up issues connected with abortion clinics. It is important that you evaluate candidates in light of each non-negotiable moral issue that will come before them in the offices they are seeking.

Sin is inherited from your father, not your mother. – …

Christians must carefully consider their stance on this issue.

There is no hard and fast, crystal-clear answer to the question of whether or not a cloned human would possess a soul.

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That being said, most interpretations of the Bible, and the general sense of Christian theology, would suggest cloned humans would, in fact, have souls.

Cloning, Stem-Cell Research and the Bible - DTS voice

Cloning is the process by which a genetically identical copy of a certain bacteria, plant or animal is produced by asexual reproduction. There are two types discussed human cloning: therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning, more likely to achieve a therapeutic cloning is more accessible in terms of technique, but also less morally problematic. Ethics of human cloning has become an important issue in recent years. Legalize human cloning is in the heart of the debate world, was proposed legalizing therapeutic cloning as the only way to investigate, with chances of success, the basic criterion for funding such programs as the main objective being to find treatments for incurable diseases. The cloning of human organs and their use for transplantation or cloning human beings must be taken into account technical and economic barriers.

Cloning, Stem-Cell Research and the Bible

Few (if any) traducians would suggest that only one of a set of twins or triplets actually has a soul, or that they share a single soul, so there needs to be some consistent way to account for the imparting of souls that covers all naturally made humans, which could then be compared to a cloning process.

In short, traducianism leaves room to question whether or not a human clone would have a soul, if interpreted to mean souls are created by biological conception itself.