A short text about the relationship of Islam with democracy

Are Human Rights Compatible with Islam? by Riffat …

Are Human Rights Compatible with Islam

Empirically rich, theoretically sophisticated, and with important policy implications, this book is sure to be widely considered as one of the most important of the spate of works on Islam and democracy to appear in recent years.”— Leonardo A.

Are Islam and democracy compatible

14/10/2003 · Are Islam and democracy compatible

It stands to reason that, the further a culture moves from that worldview, the less compatible that culture is with that form of government.

Democracy, in its various forms, presumes that the people, as a whole, are worthy of making choices for themselves.

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Many sceptics question Islam’s compatibility with democracy. In this webinar, we will discuss the context in which the Qur’an establishes and encourages democratic practices within Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

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