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Majority of mosques and centres will wait for sighting of the moon this evening and complete their 30 days of fast to end Ramadan tonight in accordance to Prophetic traditions. Eid-ul-Fitr is tomorrow for this group of Perth Muslims.

Australian Muslim leaders with Turkish government officials at the Summit.

Mark McGowan letter to Muslim community

The Premier of WA Hon Colin Barnett invited Muslim community representatives to a second meeting at the Parliament house. The meeting discussed issues of Muslim youth, politics of radicalisation and vandalism of religious places.

The Labor leader said that anyone with information must contact WA Police.

West Australian Muslim community urged the State government to seriously look into rise in religious hatred in Western Australia. ICWA and Muslim leaders welcomed swift WA police response in this latest crime and would like to see RSPCA investigate this callous mutilation of the animal and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Office of MulticulturalInterests support for the Muslim community

Muslim political observers say that the growing and robust WA Islamic community will not take nonsense of One Nation and their cohorts sitting down any more. Imams have urged the congregation that as citizens WA Muslims must exercise their vote to punish Barnett’s unholy alliance with racism and anti-Islam manifesto of One Nation party.

Moon sighting confusion ,Eid- ul- Fitr, and Muslim community

A suspected extremist right wing group fire-bombed a vehicle and sprayed Muslim- hate graffiti on walls of Thornlie Mosque and Islamic School at 8.30pm last night. This is the second attack on the school in two years. Last week a pig’s head was thrown at the Southern River Mosque. This unfortunate mosque has been a target of hate for over three years and up till now no arrest as ever been made!

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Worshippers were inside the mosque praying Taraweeh. No one was injured. According to Police suspects were seen fleeing from the scene. WA has extremist right wing sympathisers and home for anti- Muslim political party- Liberty Alliance.

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Islamic Council of Western Australia hosted a successful Aftar Ramadan Dinner for the Muslim community at Rise Recreation Centre in Maylands. The event was well attended with State Government represented by Dr Mike Nahan, Minister for Multicultural Interests, WA police community engagement Unit. The local member for Mirrabooka Hon Janine Freeman MLA and Department of Immigration (Border Force) community liaison officers enjoyed hearty meal with Muslim community representatives.

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Muslims of WA are in the month of Ramadan and mosques and centres are full with their evening congregation taking part in Taraweeh prayers. It is month of mercy, generosity and forgiveness.

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This is a testament to the hard working and committed members of the Muslim community and generous donors across the nation that support this worthy cause.