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mainstream media has never even broached the question of Israeli complicity in the attacks.

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A comparative survey carried out by B’Tselem in the area of Ramallah revealed massive differences between the amount of land that Jordan defined as government property in areas registered before the occupation, and the amount that Israel declared state land in areas that the Jordanians had not managed to register prior to 1967. The results of the survey indicate that a significant proportion of the land that Israel declared as state land is actually private Palestinian property that was taken from its lawful owners through legal maneuvering, in breach of both local and international law.

This story, clear evidence of Israeli prior knowledge, was reported only briefly in the U.S.

equality to be a fundamental tenet of the Israeli legal system

In this case, however, top security officials stated that building a settlement at that location would serve no military purpose. Also, some of the settlers joined the proceedings as respondents, explaining to the court that it was their intention to settle in the area permanently, for religious and political reasons, rather than to promote security. Given these unique circumstances, the court could not rule that the establishment of the settlement would serve military needs – although it did not rule out such a possibility in general. The justices restricted their decision to the specific case of Elon Moreh, ruling that the land seizure was meant to serve a civilian rather than military purpose and therefore breached international law. The court did not completely deny the possibility of seizing private land for building settlements, but held that when the dominant reason for issuing a seizure order is the establishment of a civilian settlement rather than military considerations, the order is unlawful.

Bush grossly inflated the number of Israeli dead to 130 in the president's address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001.

The goal of my book is not to scare you, but to better prepare you for dealing with new and unexpected realities in what for you is a new country. Israel is a relatively young country with evolving laws as it matures or as a response to new political initiatives. Remember, you are dealing with a very different type of mentality here than what you may be accustomed to but with a little persistence, patience and understanding there are countless stories of those who’ve found a rewarding life in Israel.

Some reflections on the Israeli legal system and its judiciary

Almost 600,000 Israeli citizens currently reside in settlements. Of these, 205,220 live in the parts of the West Bank that Israel annexed to the municipal jurisdiction of Jerusalem (according to Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research figures from late 2014), and 382,916 live throughout the rest of the West Bank (according to Central Bureau of Statistics figures from late 2015).

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Many innocent people are serving time in the Israeli’s prison and unfortunately the legal criminal approach in Israel is still very primitive. It’s better to have an innocent citizen in prison rather than a guilty one walking free in the streets – just the opposite of the well-known universal approach.

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This is a very simple answer: They are looking for any case they can win in court. It doesn’t matter if you called your wife names, slapped a child – your own child, told a civil servant he is stupid, broke your neighbor’s glass of wine in the heat of the moment, stole an apple, injured someone in a car accident, robbed a bank, etc. The case will cost you thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees, could drag on for years, and negatively affect your entire future because you now have a criminal record.

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The secret is in the preparation and the steps you take before you have been indicted. You should contact a good lawyer, an expert in this kind of law and consult as soon as you have a reason to believe a crime has been committed by you. The “questioning stage”, taking place in a police station by a special detective (“Choker”) is indeed the most crucial stage of any criminal case and again do not forget that you are now in Israel dealing with the Israeli system.

This is a crucial time for Arab Americans

Examines the four decisions of the Supreme Court from 2004 – 2008 on the Bush Administration’s policies for Guantanamo detainees, and the response of Congress to those rulings, with emphasis on the separation of powers enshrined in the United States Constitution.