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While the Summit is open to any woman or gender non-conforming person who identifies as a change agent and leader in her/their community, we’re especially interested in convening female founders, CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs involved with conscious businesses. This gathering might be the place for you if:

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Dorothy Dale Kloss - World Record-Setting Champion of Dance, Age-Defying Oldest Living Still-Performing Dancer at 90, Proponent of Athletics, Wellness and Vitality

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And yet, times are changing. Not equally, not everywhere, but they are. We’ve seen firsthand how an inspired band of powerful women are leading the way within the conscious business movement, working hard and smart to not only shatter glass ceilings but to build a better, more just and beautiful world for everyone through the power of business.

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Purpose-driven businesses can be the largest driver of positive change that the world has ever seen. In this engaging session, we will hear from four successful female founders who have built purpose-driven enterprises from the ground up. We will dive deep into best practices for starting a business, how to overcome common challenges that business owners face, and how having a purpose adds value to their brands.

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The Women's International Center is proud of our Spotlight on Women Speaker Series in collaboration with The Women's Museum of California, Pacific Arts Movement, The San Diego World Affairs Council, and the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum. Our Series is held at various locations around San Diego and features professional and celebrity speakers and delicious international food. We encourage people of all ages to join us in this cooperative environment and, time permitting, guests may introduce themselves and promote causes. We are pleased to announce this excellent upcoming panel presented by the leading bevahioral health care provider in San Diego:

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We are living in unique times, ones that are calling on us to rise as women. And yet that emerging, essential sisterhood is not without its cracks and challenges. Tonight, we’re convening a frank and open conversation, hosted by some of the most pioneering thinkers in the world, about what this era demands of us, how to unite as women, and what it looks like to change the dream of modern society to one that is in service of all life.

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In partnership with the Pachamama Alliance, this two-hour Awakener workshop will help us examine what’s most important in our lives and in our work. We will look squarely at the state of the world — where we are and how we got here — and then explore what role we can play in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.