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Plymouth Jamestown The Different Problems of the Colonies Swampy land caused mosquitoes.

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The Mayflower sails from Holland and England to America (Plymouth)
March 22: The Powhatan Indian Attack kills 347 colonists, setting off a war that lasted a decade.
December 20: The Abigail arrives with no food and an infectious load of passengers (?); plague and starvation reduce the colony to 500 persons; the colonists hold out hope for the arrival of the Seaflower

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Gosnold was referred to as "the first mover of this plantation" by Captain John Smith."(Ward) Merchants from London, Bristol and Plymouth sponsored the voyage and persuaded King James to grant a charter and letters of patent to create the Virginia Company....

Disease and hunger ravaged Jamestown. Two desperate colonists were tied to posts and left to starve as punishment for raiding the colonies' stores. One colonist even took to cannibalism, eating his own wife. The fate of the venture was precarious. Yet still more colonists arrived, and their numbers included women.

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Under Bradford's guidance, Plymouth suffered less hardship than their English compatriots in Virginia. Relations with the local natives remained relatively smooth in Plymouth and the food supply grew with each passing year.

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Contemporaries take for granted the religiosity of the New England colonists, but for the Chesapeake Bay, especially around Jamestown, God’s providence gave explanations for why certain things happened the way that they did and acknowledged the presence of God everywhere that they went.