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The full application of our military power, backed by our resolve, will mean the inevitable and complete destruction of the Japanese armed forces and just as inevitably the utter devastation of the Japanese homeland.

FEMA Camps & The Coming Gun Confiscation Laws

Japanese War Crimes Introduction

The Anambra State Union inaugurated its new chairman, Austin Nnajiofor, at its year-end party in November, the final Nigerian community event I attended as a reporter. IPoB’s rapid expansion was a popular topic among guests, and several of its supporters were seated at the high table. Recent organizing successes by the Abia State Union were also much-discussed. Abia’s has long been the smallest of the Igbo unions in Japan, but newly elected Chairman Eme Obasi has positioned his organization for expansion, setting a new high watermark for fundraising and hosting the union’s first major events for several years. Although fewer immigrate to Japan from Abia than Imo or Anambra states, Abia natives are probably the largest group of Nigerian expatriates yet to be thoroughly organized under the town union system, so Obasi’s achievements, if they attract enough constituents, could set the stage for a significant expansion of Igbo civic activity.

Four Steps to War June-Aug 1914 - World history

This military power is sustained and inspired by the determination of all the Allied Nations to prosecute the war against Japan until she ceases to resist.

Militarism as a cause of World War I - Alpha History