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Afro-Cuban jazz "Spanish tinge"—The Cuban influence in early jazz and proto-Latin jazz
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Jazz escaped its notorious past to diversify in a myriad directions, influencing world music from Europe to Africa and South to Brasil and Latin America.

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Early Jazz: Its Roots and Musical Development (History of Jazz), by Gunther SchullerAlmost 30 years since its first publication, Early Jazz: Its Roots and Musical Development remains one of the most influential books on the topic.

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For example, what would be considered dissonant in classical music from the 18th century, may be considered to be consonant in the context of modern jazz.

The jazz guitar great died Tuesday of heart failure at the age of 72.
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Yes, the roots of jazz were booze, pills, marijuana, and heroin, with some of the greatest jazz improvisations ever performed composed while under the influence of smack.

Jacopo Peri wrote Daphne in 1597

Henry, Connections (2004)
Twin Cities jazz singer Bruce Henry tackles everything from blues ("") to show tunes (Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Sound Of Music") to modal bop ('s "Equinox," with words by Gil Scott Heron) to fusion ('s "Red Clay").

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How did it achieve this tremendous crossoverappeal?Viewed in the context of Black music in America over the past century,there's nothing surprising about hip-hop "crossing over." Blues and jazzcrossed over in the 1920s, when whites rushed to Harlem to hear themusic.

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(And of course, jazz music has been influenced by Indian modes at least as far back as John Coltrane.) What makes the record really work is that neither jazz norraga is used as seasoning - the musicians are well versed in both idioms, and on each track they reach for a novel way to combine them.

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Fortunately, the disc never sounds like an academic exercise:Rubalcaba uses the multipart structure to integrate his three loves - Cuban and European classical music and jazz - as on "Recordando A Tschaikowsky," which opens with a classical quote and then contrasts a lovely abstract trio section with a swinging mambo highlighted by aturbulent piano solo.