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  was a knight and the military governor of Orleans when Joan of Arc arrives to save the city.
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Joan of Arc is the patroness of soldiers and of France

He possible knew Joan better than anyone on earth and later gave detailed testimony about her life at her Trial of Rehabilitation.

was Joan of Arc's page and was a boy of "fourteen or fifteen" when he was appointed page in Joan's military household.

were Joan of Arc's brothers who followed her to war and served in Joan's military household.
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Story of the death of Joan of Arc

To better understand Joan and her history it is beneficial to study some of the people who were her companions and below is a list containing the most prominent with a brief description and a link to more information about them.

were the Heralds of Joan of Arc and it was quite an honor for her to have more than one.
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He was captured at the were he famously attributed his capture to "the fortune of war."

was a knight who served with Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years War but is better known for his terrible crimes as a serial killer of children and is infamously referred to as "Blue Beard" for his reign of terror and perversion.

was considered one of the best of the English captains that Joan of Arc faced in battle.
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He later testified at Joan's trial of rehabilitation that she was a good devout young woman "as good as a saint."

was a young knight who fought with Joan of Arc during the Loire Valley campaign and became a great admirer of Joan's and left a living portrait of her in a letter he wrote to his Mother and Grandmother.

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Guillaume Manchon was one of the Church court clerks who recorded the trial of Joan of Arc and appears to have been one of the few honest men involved in Joan's trial.