Was John Lennon's murderer Mark Chapman a CIA …

If a professional killer had gunned down John Lennon, the whole world would have known.

John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman: Elizabeth Taylor …

In 1980, as those forces were preparing to retake control of the government, "the most dangerous extremist" John Lennon emerged from retirement with the best selling album, Double Fantasy, and was promptly assassinated.

The Assassination of John Lennon

Martin Luther King Jr., Senator Robert Francis Kennedy, and the founder and leader of the most influential musical group The Beatles, the person who was his generations and about to be another generations leader for peace and love, John Winston Lennon.

Bernard Diamond couldn't skirt the obvious fact that Sirhan was under hypnosis (Diamond wrote it off as self-hypnosis), he labeled John Lennon's assassin a "paranoid schizophrenic."