Morality, Justice, and Judicial Moralism

Carl Jackson reviews the history of the Abu Qatada case and recommends a robust solution.


In July 2004, the House of Lords overturned provisions in the Constitutional Affairs Bill to abolish the historic post of Lord Chancellor. However, the House accepted those elements of the Bill relating to the appointments commission and the end of the Lord Chancellor's active judicial role.

It is the intent of this historical review is to petition the NFFRExecutive Council and its current President, William R.

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Carper; and Congressman Michael Castle thatreviews a history of betrayal by the National Institute of ChildHealth and Human Development(NICHD), National Institutes of Health(NIH) of its mission to support "research and training in the specialhealth problems and requirements of mothers and children" (PL 87-838,Sec 441); the wrongful termination of Dr.

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These issues include the high prevalence of homicidalfactors in infant mortality; breastfeeding prevents infant mortality& violence, particularly suicide in cultures who breastfeed for 2.5years or longer; the genital mutilation of children; the NICHDunlawful abandonment of child abuse and neglect research; the historyof violence research supported by the NIH, which was 0.5% of the 1994NIH research budget; the unlawful termination of Dr.

This Article argues that the origins of judicial review lie in corporate law

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Brief review of 1947 book on the history of the last redoubt of official judicial corporal punishment in the USA. Whipping in Delaware continued until 1952. There is also a list of the author's other works. See also .

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They are willing to distort law, righteousness, and justice in order to help the prosecution, behind which there is a political antipathy towards actions that are not wrongful, sometimes on the pretext that destroying people's lives may be a "social good."Judicial Moralism as the generalization of intentions into all of morality, although just as vicious as the "strict liability" generalization of actions over intentions, has historically been much more common.

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From the journal of the Libertarian Alliance, a review of a 1991 book called "Fed up with Government?" calling for severe measures to restore law and order, including possibly judicial corporal punishment, to be administered not in prison but before any prison sentence begins.

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"I strongly support diversity when-and only when-it equals merit. It will be very important that women-particularly those from ethnic minorities-who may not be able to bear the strain of the judicial process are not placed in a position where they may find themselves failing because there has been too much enthusiasm for diversity and not enough for merit. This is very important. I have a vivid recollection of a woman judge many years ago who was a very fine pianist. She should have remained a pianist."

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The Austrian Province Vorarlberg agreed and has suspended religious circumcision, as has two hospitals in Zurich, Switzerland, which have also suspended religious circumcision pending judicial review that will determine whether International Law and Human Rights prevails over Religious Rights and practices, as the law of the land.