Jupiter , saturn and rahu in 6th house

  took this photo of Jupiterand two of its satellites (, left, and, right) on Feb.

jupiter saturn conjunction in 2nd house

Dear Pankaj kumar, I had explained about Jupiter and Saturn in 7th house for your earlier query. To know about your health and finance issue, you have to check your complete horoscope. You can consult an astrologer directly and get the predictions. regards

The top-right image shows Jupiter's auroral emissionsat the north and south poles.

Dear Sivakami, Jupiter Saturn conjunction is a good sign.

PK Deb, Dear Sureshji I have both Jupiter and Saturn in first house in Makara Lagna with Jupiter deliberated at 11:00 degree. My sani mahadasha will start from 1st Nov 2014. Can you please advice whats in a store effective November 2014. I had suffered a lot under sani sade sathi during 1998 to 2005.

hisir iam sreekiran in my birth chart 10th house jupiter and saturn is there its good r bad………

Ihave jupiter & saturn conjunction in leo lagna with moon in house 7 with kumbh.
saturn is mallefic planet for the Rajyoga
Any measures to follow. wearing stone (Neelam)in form of locket.

It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter - Business Insider

Sir with singh lagna jupitar and Saturn in 2nd house
In 10th mangal and moon
11th sun and budh
12th venus and rahu
What would u like to lighten and mention on that type of conjunction plz

'Diamond rain' falls on Saturn and Jupiter - BBC News

Dear Nath, This post is about Jupiter Saturn combination and aspect. Retrogression is a different subject and i would like to deal with it in my future post. regards

How To Photograph The Gas Giants: Jupiter and Saturn

Dear G.K. This post is restricted to Jupiter,Saturn conjunction & aspect. I am not discussing about other planetary combination in this post. regards

Jupiter Saturn Astrology | Saturn and Jupiter Transits

Dear sir, it is nice to see the subject of jup and Saturn conjunction. I wish to know the effect when both of them are retrograde and within two degrees in same star. Saturn as Lord 9 and 10 and obviously jup as Lord of 8 and 11. Person is mostly unhappy with his job and unsteady making frequent changes in job. My interest is to know how retrogression of jup and Saturn modifies the result. Jup stands for expansion and Saturn the reverse.. Jup as Lord of 8th looks for transformation and Saturn is supposed to give raja yoga due to lordship of 9 and 10. Moreover this conjunction takes about dharma karmadhipathya by karakatwa.

Jupiter, saturn Conjunction - 2 Planets Conjunction

My ascendant is Cancer. In my 2nd house Saturn and Jupiter sits. In third house there is Mars, Venus is in 11th house and in 12th house Sun, Moon and Mercury resides. Rahu is sitting in the 1st house while Ketu is in 7th house.
Should I truly be wearing yellow sapphire?
Would you also recommend cats eye and hessonite stones as well?

Jupiter Saturn - Conjunction and aspect - Tamil …

Dear Jay Sen, Jupiter & Saturn aspecting each other i.e.7/7 is a good sign in the horoscope. It makes the native to work hard to reach the goals. It means, the person has to work extra hard to attain success. To know about the profession, you have to consider 2,6 and 10th houses, its lords along with Jupiter and Saturn. regards