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And because alcohol creates a free and youthful state of mind, it becomes fetishized....

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Co-author of the study, Kristina Jackson, believes the reason early tastes of alcohol can be detrimental is because parents are sending a message that it’s okay to drink at an age when kids don’t understand how much is too much. Jackson says, “I would say that it is advisable not to offer your child a sip of your beverage, as it may send the wrong message -- younger teens and tweens may be unable to understand the difference between drinking a sip and drinking one or more drinks.”

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We’re just going to follow a beer, from the first sip to completely out of your system. This ‘journey’ will represent the consumption of one beer only. After this section we will discuss a few other factors when dealing with alcohol staying in the system, such as the dangers of over consumption and

Participants in the study were followed around for three years starting at middle school age. Researchers found that 26% of those who were allowed to sip alcohol by the start of middle school had a full drink by the ninth grade. This is in contrast to the only 6% of kids who never tasted alcohol and had their first full drink by the start of high school. Only 2% of non-sippers took part in binge drinking or getting drunk in early high school as compared to 9% of sippers who took part in this type of activity.

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reports about the study from the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs that suggests early exposure to alcohol (even if its just a few sips) can lead to alcohol abuse in the teenage years.

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Unlike with the brain, where tiny amounts of alcohol are absorbed into brain cells, the heart does not receive any physical alcohol. However, the effects alcohol has on the heart are strong. Among many things, alcohol is a ‘vasodilator,’ which means it causes the body’s blood vessels to dilate. This means more blood is flowing through the body, but lowers blood pressure overall. Therefore, to make up for any possible lack of blood flow, the heartbeat increases. (This is why your skin can appear flushed and be sweaty when consuming alcohol).

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This isn’t all alcohol can do to the heart. Excessive drinking can cause something called atrial fibrillation, (known more as AFib), which consists of an irregular heartbeat and can lead to blood clotting, stroke, heart failure, and/or other heart conditions.

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Kidneys filter blood. Because the alcoholic remainder of your beer is entirely in your blood at this point, the next actual physical stop on our journey is your pair of kidneys. Here, waste is separated from useful nutrients and proteins. The alcohol is processed through the kidneys and then stays in the bloodstream (until later, as we will see).

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The secondary function of your kidneys is to balance the amount of water in your system. Alcohol affects the kidney’s ability to do this. This is because alcohol is a ‘diuretic,’ again, among many other things. Diuretics increase the amount of urine inside of the body. (This, combined with the increased heart rate alcohol causes, is why exercise while drinking is never recommended).

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Believe it or not, the bladder is not the last stop on the journey of your beer. The reason you have to urinate often while drinking is because alcohol slows the production of vasopressin, a hormone in the kidneys that reabsorbs water which would otherwise end up in the bladder. A normal amount of vasopressin ensures that the water going to the bladder is useless to the body, waste. When alcohol diminishes vasopressin, the bladder fills with the water from the beer.