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Social justice is that all people in the society have equal opportunities and rights.

An analysis of justice and social order in the oresteia

This course introduces students to the notion of corporate social responsibility and theories of business stakeholder relations. The application of these ideas requires businesses to consider their pursuit of profit within the context of the impact of their business activities on a diverse set of organizational stakeholders. This course will explore issues surrounding the obligations of business to society, and the interests of corporations and their stakeholders in order to provide students with the ability to recognize potential conflicts of interest and act as effective business stewards to address them.

(Preamble to Title IX) Title IX was a social justice landmark for women in the United States.

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My experience at the State University, the concept of higher education, criminality and race all contribute social justice by allowing individuals to realize their full potential....

Influence by the time periods core values and ideas of social justice.

This course critically examines the philosophical, spiritual, and sociological bases of peacemaking criminology and restorative justice theory and practice. Also discussed will be particular restorative justice initiatives and other alternatives to the current retributive criminal justice model. Students who have already completed CRIM 4123 are not eligible to take CRIM 3953 for credit.

It was a school for the poorest children to teach them basic reading and writing skills.

The Oresteia : Bringing Structure and Unity to a Core Course"

The dramatization of societal transformation in this myth (thetransition to governance by laws) is both a boast and justificationof the then relatively new judicial system. The concept ofobjective intervention by an impartial entity against which novengeance could be taken (the state) marked the end of continuouscycles of bloodshed, a transition in Greek society reflected by thetransition in their mythology – the Erinyes are a much greater partof older Greek myths than comparatively more recent ones. Thereflection of societal struggles and social norms in mythologymakes plays like these of special interest today, offering poignantcultural and historical insights.

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Lattimore also draws a parallel between the Oresteiaand , suggesting thatthe sensation of ‘philos-aphilos’ engendered by ’semotional connections to his mother, , and to , who are both on the side of –himself a close blood relative who might have held Hamlet’saffection and regard before usurping the throne – are what make theplay a tragedy.

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Understanding the implications of social exclusion and social justice is at the heart of our understanding of why individuals may behave in a criminal and/or deviant manner.


As with all ancient Greek dramas, the correct interpretation ofThe Oresteia may vary, given the original work's condition and thecurrent study of ancient Greek language. Therefore, varying Englishtranslations exist.

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This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to social science research methods and statistics as they apply to criminology and criminal justice issues. It aims to help students understand the fundamentals of the scientific method, including research design, sampling methodologies, measurement strategies, statistics, and data collection techniques, while assisting them in the development of the necessary critical thinking skills to critique and evaluate criminal justice research. Prerequisites: CRIM 1013 and 1023.