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The small liberal-arts college in Clinton, New York, takes only top talent — , and 94% were in the top 20%. Hamilton grads have a great track record of earning prestigious awards; 92 were granted Fulbright Scholarships and 18 took Goldwater Scholarships in the last 15 years.

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Art Practice is a low-residency, interdisciplinary graduate program. A carefully selected, small group of candidates come together at SVA’s NYC campus for three successive, intensive summer residency periods.

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College is a strange place. Especially when you go to a small school because you know more people, therefore you are more aware of people's personalities. Also, more things go on with a lot of people there. Today, a strange thing happened here on the hill. Gustavus is a unique place where schools roam and many people wear socks with Birks. I have decided to start a new series with some help with my friend Emma... Strange Things Seen at Gustavus.

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I chose to attend a small, private school where I knew that personal relationships could be formed. I wanted to get to know my professors and other students, and I found a school that offered me just that. I got to know most of the student population including both my fellow freshmen and upperclassmen. Once I got to know some of the other students at my school, I learned that not all high schools were the same size as mine. I learned that quite a few of the students attending my college went to high schools where their graduating class was made up of 50 students or less. Coming from a high school where my graduating class was made up of over 700 hundred students, I was shocked to learn that high schools could be so small. It did not take long for me to learn that I chose the perfect school for me. I was able to get everything I wanted and more out of my college experience. I have been involved in so many organizations and activities and attended many events that I know I would not have attended if I went to a large university. I have formed relationships that I know I would not have made at a large university, and I am grateful every day for the experiences my small school has provided me with.

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Choosing where to go to college is a huge decision that millions of students make each year. Some students choose to go to large universities where they are nothing more than a number to their professors. However, others choose small schools where they can have one-on-one relationships with each of their professors. Choosing which school is the right fit can be the most important decision that students have to make.

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The six main sections of the Collegiate Way website describe the educational foundations of the collegiate model and offer detailed practical recommendations for the creation and management of residential colleges (or house systems) within larger institutions. They also provide links to published material about residential colleges and to collegiate websites around the world.

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This allows students to receive individualized advising and support services, and to enjoy the close-knit community of a small, liberal arts college with access to all the advantages of a large Tier 1 research university: internationally renowned faculty; undergraduate research opportunities; academic and professional internships; and state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, libraries and amenities. At UCSD, you have the best of both worlds!