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To the Editor,
Unbelievable! So there we were again, after we have told our City Leaders and City Manager Rowlands over and over at earlier meetings, trying to get them to hear us at the "Listening Meeting". We overwhelmingly showed in numbers and voice our opposition to bringing the pot growing industry and its ensuing effects into our community. Yet it seems we just can't get OUR voice heard.
I was talking to a council member that justifiably said the Council just wants everyone to come out to say their feelings on the subject. Well there has been at least three city meetings on this topic, and now a 'listening session' Sunday afternoon- so I ask you the Council: just how many of these gatherings do we have to stand up in before the City Leaders are satisfied with what the vast majority of our town wants for its future. It sure feels like it is a study in who can hold out the longest. The Council member said they are doing this because pro pot folks are uncomfortable talking about this- really? How about my time and discomfort? I know that I gain five pounds and a dozen white hairs every time I force myself to stand up to speak about this topic- but I do it because I love this town! Again I ask, at what point will the Council and City Manager be satisfied?
When it was my turn to speak I said that my criteria of a business that would be good for our town should be whether the kid's athletic teams could go to a business to ask it to support it with a banner at the athletic field. It was then the mostly out-of-town pro pot growers yelled 'yah!', they would love to advertise it there at the children's play areas...I was floored. Here is an industry that professes it will not involve children as it is a 'adult decision' to take pot, but yet these same people have no qualms advertising their product to our kids...(catch 'em young and get those brains fried early!) Please City Council, did you not see and hear the same thing as I did?
The two pro pot individuals that stood up, talked about it being a booming business and boost to agriculture. Seriously? The truly Medicinal pot growers (growing strains of marijuana lacking the 'high' inducing THC, but leaving the chemical components for pain control) can't find a decent market for their product and are struggling. It is the drug-high producing marijuana that is the overwhelming pot of choice, that is the 'booming business'- a "medicinal use" that is seven to twenty times stronger in THC then anything when I was growing up. A 'medicine' that has no precise dosage, no purity standards, that is absolutely known to permanently lower the IQ of young people's brains.. I can go on, but why? Can't we be honest about what is going on here? Is this a product that any true farmer will want to be involved with? And we haven't even mentioned the known cartel issues, the water issues, the transparency issues of an all-cash market, the huge amounts of fungicides and miticides poured on this indoor monoculture crop...Do you not have the same problem seeing this as the future of our agricultural industry in Fillmore?
I have tried up to now to stay respectful and open-minded about what our City is doing on this issue, but the end of last Sunday's gathering really shook me up. The designated moderator asked of us two questions that the City Leaders gave him to end the meeting with: and they were 1. How did you feel about how the session was run? and 2. What would you want the City to do with all the tax monies that would be collected through pot growing? Have you or I ever been asked in our entire lives what we want our possible tax money to be spent on?!! It's all about the almighty dollar folks! The Marijuana Santa Claus wants to enter our town and shower us with its gifts so it can grow the stuff here...and once they get their toe in the door to grow, it is a slippery slope to all the other aspects of the pot industry that destroy communities. City Leaders and City Manager Rowlands, our town is NOT for sale!
For sure there will be more meetings to come, and we will continue to ask the City to end this issue...without a doubt, I will continue to gain weight and my hair will go silver every time I stand up at these meetings - but I, and so many others, will be there to speak for the safety of our community...our voice will be heard in the end because I do believe in the basic goodness of our people.
Regina Stehly Nunez

Former governor Jesse Ventura said he could not discuss the terms of the agreement, but said the settlement of the defamation lawsuit is "in the bank."


To the Editor:
Happy New Year, our Fillmore City council held their first meeting of the new year, January 9, 2018. It was for certain contentious. The major subject matter was the issue of Cannabis, and whether or not the City would allow sales and distribution. The chamber was nearly full of residents, but dwindled down as other subject issues were completed. Still and all there was significant resident commentary given, most of which was to disallow sales and distribution in Fillmore.
As we now know the City Council voted against approving the prospect of sales, distribution or storage of cannabis.
I am not writing this letter to repeat what the Gazette has already shared on this subject.
The purpose of this writing is to share an inadequate process for the residents of Fillmore to collaborate with the Fillmore City Council.
I had prepared a hard copy presentation for the purpose of sharing an upcoming issue that will be a part of city staff business, a part of a City Council agendized meeting issues in the near future.
The request for City support, is to provide a pedestrian gate at the R.V parking area of the El Dorado Mobil Home park, for our now family park children.
To provide safe passage to Rio Vista Elementary School. As I know it neither the Developer or the Park ownership have made this necessary gate a planned approved item of the development. I am not sure it ever crossed their minds.
El Dorado is alike a little Vatican with in Fillmore, autonomous, park owners are not in touch with their tenants, or needs of the park. The City treats it like it is a fiefdom, out of their control. We absolutely are Fillmore residents and the park is just an entity with in Fillmore and should comply with normal and expected behavior and cooperative interaction with our City, Municipal code and other ordinances as well.( I Recognize that the owners must comply with the States Mobilehome Residency Law. as their primary required base of, compliance/ operation. This should not preclude the Cities rights and authorities as City Government)
My issue is/was, I had a request in my presentation, for the council to be aware of a need for the pedestrian gate, prior to the upcoming staff agenda item.
Wanting, the gate to be a conditional approval by the Council for the latest HVP development planning. The Owners made this a family park, yes we had some people who caused the change, (they have all moved now). Even so managing this park with Children most clearly must include Resident/children safety planning, by the City for its residents, and the park owner for safety/liability concerns.
A lot said here, but what became very clear is, we apparently do not have a process to give resident/citizen /constituent input to the council, unless we can do it in 3 to 5 minutes. This is the time all who attended were allotted.
I will confess that my choice of Jan. 9, to try and share my presentation, was a horrible night. The time over all was too tight because of the major cannabis cross talk.
It did illustrate however the inadequacy, and lack of a process, for other items of interest or need, for Fillmore residents to share and collaborate with our City Council.
Two City Council meetings a month and resident comment time set at two to three minutes is insignificant time.
There are other items of City life, and ideas to share that make us a tight community, other than the monthly agendized issues. We need to get other issues out there for our leaders to review and consider. (just to be aware of other issues.)
We seem to get close with them only when there is a near delirious crowd of upset people, or if it is an agenda item.
That said-- I am in no way discrediting any of the City Council or City staff.
I appreciate that the Mayor and City Council have another life, they all work and have families.
I have shared other issues and concerns with the City Council, the City manager and his staff. All endeavors and interactions have been very amiable and rewarding.
We are very fortunate to have them all. I am now a twelve year resident of Fillmore, of forty nine years in Ventura county. These last years in Fillmore have provided me with clear appreciation of the successes these fellow citizens have afforded us.
There are opportunities to be realized from collaborative work with the residents, and the City council. We need to plan a way to work together, it is our City too.
We need more residents to get involved with positive issues in support of our City. Quit hiding!!
Raymond s Brown Sr.

After enduring months of partisan mudslinging and an intense beating from the media, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura needed a

To the Editor:
Another fun and busy year of raising animals for the Ventura County Fair has come and gone for our 4-H youth. Our 2 sons have been a part of Sespe 4-H for the past 2 years, raising swine and goats. Our swine project leaders, Lynn Hicks and Patrick Zavala, donate countless hours to helping our youth properly raise their pigs and help maintain our part of the 4-H farm at the Fillmore Equestrian Center and lead the meetings besides working their full time jobs. We’d like to say a BIG thank you to them! Our swine advisor, Sue Maynard, who has volunteered for the past 30 plus years in 4-H, currently volunteers full time, teaching our youth how to select a pig, feed it, showmanship skills, as well as snaring and giving injections when needed. She even goes to the farm morning and evening to check on our swine, making sure they’re cooled down, eating, checking pen conditions and answering endless question from parents and our kiddos. Thank you isn’t enough but Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentoring our youth, year after year! If you’re looking for a program to help your child learn hard work and raise livestock then join Sespe 4-H!
Grateful Parents,
Adrian and Pam Hernandez