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Mintz wrote an article in the Sept 2003 editionof CB Magazine which features a good example of how the political / legal/ regulatory environment effects Canadian international business.

“A sole proprietor assumes far less risk from owning a business if he or she forms a legal corporation with it's own FEIN number instead of risking personal assets.

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Meeting the many legal environmental regulations and corporate social responsibility criteria that come with office clearance and projects can be challenging. We provide our clients with the best possible solution for their disposal needs.

the Political / Legal / Regulatory Environment that effects e-commerce, marketing, business, and int'l business. updated 2011 Feb 10

As an Environment Agency registered broker, Clear Environments office clearance & business recycling services meet all Duty of Care requirements and takes all responsibility on behalf of clients for any waste removed.

Lawyers advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes