It came on the heels of the 1936 propaganda film Reefer Madness, ..

A NORML Evening: Reefer Madness > Fox Theater

Dr. Kashin testified that "steroid use can cause an addiction with similarities to alcohol, opiate, and cocaine addiction." (Weird, alcohol is legal.) He also talked about "dangerous criminal-like behavior while intoxicated on anabolic steroids" and individuals who have "lost control of their behavior," or "became violent." Basically a page from the script of Reefer Madness.

Reefer Madness or a Sign of the Times

Good old reefer madness garbage. Do you people have a whole list of lies about cannabis or do you make them up on the go like a game testing one's creativity?

For pot smokers heaven is here now. Yet with rights come responsibilities and many smokers seem to miss this point. Its illegal to smoke in public, yet so many openly flaunt this law. Modern pot smells vile and is exponentially stronger [THC content] than pot from the eighties. I'm all for folks smoking in the privacy of their homes [the only place its legally allowed], yet nobody should be subjected to this substance against their free will. That's exactly what happens when it gets smoked in public, and no doubt with the smell comes some chemical substances that others prefer not to ingest. Many smokers lack the maturity to respect the laws and consider the free will of others. You sound different, but are you aware of the tendency of long term pot use to disconnect users from their emotions?