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the text of Carlotta's letter to Dante was reproduced in the novel as well.

Great Dante – My Medieval Ramblings And More

(Lewis is well knownas a Christian writer, but his official title at the end of his life wasProfessor of Medieval and Renaissance English Literature at CambridgeUniversity; and this book was written as an academic and literary study,certainly begun and perhaps completed before he became a Christian.) Seealso the further notes on the topic in Lewis's later book Dante actually goes a bit deeper than this.

Dante’s letter to Cangrande della Scala serves as a preface / introduction to his Paradiso volume of the Divine Comedy

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If by any chance I have stirred in some reader the desire to read Dante'sComedy, let me recommend the particular translation that I think by farthe best I have seen.

Try a collegelibrary or a good large public library.) To these volumes, let me add athird, not primarily about Dante, but nonetheless relevant: For a further exploration of the Affirmative Way, I refer the reader tothe writings of Charles Williams.

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This edition of the Inferno is edited in XML (Extensible Markup Language), which allows users to perform searches for a wide range of entities across the entire poem. Above the Italian and English texts users will see a band listing six categories. Click on any of these terms for a list of the Creatures, Deities, Images, People, Places, and Structures found in each canto. Information will appear 1) as abbreviations in the margin between the Italian and English versions (ie PL for Place) and 2) in list form to the right of the English translation. Click on any terms listed under the categories for additional information. Readers can view at a glance the wide range of expressions that Dante uses to characterize people, places, creatures and other entities throughout the poem

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Every canto also contains visual material, keyed to specific passages. Click on Images to view a list of the visual material available for each canto. To view the images click on the terms or names in the right margin. Follow the links for additional information on the images. The letter I between in the margin between the English and Italian texts indicates the passage which the image illustrates. At all timers users can also access an interactive version of Botticelli's Chart of Hell, maps of Italy, additional visual material, and an interactive timeline. All these features are intended to deepen readers' appreciation of the richness of Dante's poetic language and his remarkable visual imagination.