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deficiency libidinal energy libidinal investment libidinal satisfactions libra docenza ..

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Modern times have certainly conferred a new rank on the mode of libidinal satisfaction by involving, in a hitherto unknown manner, the jouissance of the drive with the technical object.

and the places where their erotic and libidinal gratification can be attained to its fullest satisfaction.

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In spite of the incompleteness, I will venture on a few remarks as a conclusion to our enquiry. The program of becoming happy, which the pleasure principle imposes on us, cannot be fulfilled... Happiness, in the reduced sense in which we recognize it as possible, is a problem of the economics of the individual's libido. There is no golden rule which applies to everyone: every man must find out for himself in what particular fashion he can be saved. All kinds of different factors will operate to direct his choice. It is a question of how much real satisfaction he can expect to get from the external world, how far he is led to make himself independent of it, and finally, how much strength he feels he has for altering the world to suit his wishes. In this, his psychical constitution will play a decisive part, irrespectively of the external circumstances. The man who is predominantly erotic will give first preference to his emotional relationships to other people; the narcissistic man, who inclines to be self-sufficient, will seek his main satisfactions in his internal mental processes; the man of action will never give up the external world on which he can try out his strength.... A person who is born with a specially unfavorable instinctual constitution, and who has not properly undergone the transformation and rearrangement of his libidinal components which is indispensable for later achievements, will find it hard to obtain happiness from his external situation, especially if he is faced with tasks of some difficulty. As a last technique of living, which will at least bring him substitutive satisfactions, he is offered that of a flight into neurotic illness — a flight which he usually accomplishes when he is still young. The man who sees his pursuit of happiness come to nothing in later years can still find consolation in the yield of pleasure of chronic intoxication; or he can embark on the desperate attempt at rebellion seen in a psychosis.

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At the end of psychoanalysis, drive "flashes" for the subject, "that" which the play of light and dark of his was veiling like a screen-this illuminating reuniting the truth of his desire with his method of libidinal satisfaction.
Jünger does not specify clearly enough what this new contribution of Being consists of other than that he will yearn to restore an emerging power.

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