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You can't maintain an even work-life balance in such an environment. I'm preparing for my next marathon, but I'm not in a good shape. I try to do the same amount of exercise as I do at home, but it's just impossible. I don't run to compete with others. You keep pushing yourself to be a few seconds faster, to be better. I wish I could run more.

Chronic back pain caused by spine conditions and disorders can lead to a reduced quality of life

Are these glimpses of the after-life

Recently, we had a patient who arrived with a very bad stomach injury. He'd spent three days in the bush with his bowels perforated. After more than two hours of surgery, we lost him. Every time a patient dies, you keep asking yourself: "Did I do something wrong? What could I have done differently?"

World traveler with a herniated disc? Goodbye surgeon, hello fitness guru

I had the robotic surgery in November of 2009, very successful, both
nerves spared. Unfortunately, the preoperative physical discovered a
lymphoma, and I followed up the surgery with 4 months of chemotherapy.
My urologist says I should regard my recovery as starting at the end of
the chemo. As well, I have extremely low testosterone, 40ng/dl. I’m
told I can get suplements starting a year from the surgery.

Crookes’ life has been a blending of ..

If there was an impending admission, he would let me know when the patient would arrive.
Procedures That We Can Preform
Surgery for abnormalities of the groin in childhood and adolescence which include undescended testes, hernias, hydroceles and varicoceles
Surgical repair of birth defects
Serious injuries that require surgery (for example, liver lacerations, knife wounds, or gun shot wounds)
Diagnosis and surgical care of tumors
Transplantation operations
Endoscopic procedures (bronchoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy)
Electrocardiogram &
Beats Per Minute
By: Sami Follo
The Life of a Pediatric Surgeon
Promotional Pathways
Time in Positions
You can be promoted from a surgical resident, to a surgical attending, and if you are really good you can become chief of surgeon which you must tackle a lot of things at the same time (all other surgery departments).
You can become a teacher to someone...they would be doing a fellowship, you would teach them hands on and teach them your techniques
2 years as a surgical intern
5 years as a surgical resident
2-3 years of a fellowship

To doctor or not to: A day in the life of a surgeon

Pediatric Surgeons also cooperate with all of the specialists involved in a child's medical care to determine whether surgery is the best option for the child.
A Day in the Life of a Peds Surgeon
On a typical day, after finishing up cases in the OR, I would receive sign-out from the folks who were not on call.

In the Zone: A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

-Pediatric surgeons are medical doctors who have had
At least 4 years of medical school
Five additional years of general surgery
Two additional years of residency training in pediatric surgery
Certification by the American Board of Surgery
1 year of a surgical internship

Our Responsibilities
We treat children from the newborn stage all the way to adolescence (age: 19)
We are primarily concerned with the diagnosis, preoperative, operative, and postoperative management of surgical problems in children.

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"I try to do the same amount of exercise as I do at home, but it's just impossible. You can't maintain an even work-life balance in such an environment." CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Alyona Synenko