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Frost, Carol.  Discusses some of the poets who influenced Robert Frost and his other sources. .

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Robert Frost uses symbolism to show the correlation between the woods and village with heaven.

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From known celebrities ravaged by time like William Shakespeare, to fairly modern poets like Gary Soto or even Robert Frost, every poet is responsible for the overt quality of their poem, what it conveys, and what it sounds like; the tone (or tones), of a poem....

However at a first glance, one typically overlooks the poetic finery of Robert Frost’s work.

Both Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" and Dylan Thomas's "Do Not Go Gentle" explore the idea that people should attempt to live life to its fullest....

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Bell, Vereen. "The problem with Robert Frost's narrative poems from, say, a southerner's point of view, is that they are boring," Professor Bell begins. , 8, 1 (Autumn 1985) [free at jstor, click "Preview" or "Read Online"].

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Barron, Jonathan N. , 13 Dec. 2004. Eds. Robert Clark, Emory Elliott, Janet Todd. An introduction to Frost, from a database that provides signed literary criticism by experts in their field, and is available to individuals for a reasonably-priced subscription [subscription service].

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James Allen once said, 'You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.'; After reading the two Robert Frost poems, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and Mending Wall, one can not help to wonder what kinds of thoughts inspired these two poems.

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Although he lived through a troubled and tragic life, Frost was able to express his unique view of nature and the world around him in the delicate art of poetry.

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On Frost as a nature poet, biographies of Frost, particularly Lawrance Thompson's damaging portrayal in his three-volume , and editions of Frost's poetry. June 1996.

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Robert Lee Frost (1874 – 1963) – an influential American poet often associated with rural New England – is brilliant at this and uses poetry as a platform for the expression of his own general ideology.

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Hammer, Langdon. The first of two Yale Univ. lectures on Frost by a well-known academic expert in modern poetry. "The poetry and life of Robert Frost are characterized in opposition to the works of nineteenth-century poets and Modernists Eliot and Pound. Frost's poetic project, how he positions himself among his contemporaries, his poetics of work, and his concept of 'the sound of sense' are discussed." Available as an audio file, video file, or transcript. Yale Univ., English 310, Spring 2007.