"her hands gripped the iron in a frenzy" (36).A Little Cloud....

It becomes clear to the audience that little Chandler himself is in a very lost state of mind.
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"Dubliners A Little Cloud Summary and Analysis ..

Doran is forced to marry Polly, and little Chandler is forced into a dull, life that he is unable to escape.
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A major theme within the short story revolves around the idea of the insignificance of life.
"he watched the .....bequeathed to him (68).
Through this perspective it can be said that life is so sad because of the fact that it is so insignificant.
little Chandler is hinting towards the idea that an individual life is so miniscule in comparison to society.
An analogy can be made here connecting the title of the work to this theme
Life is like a small cloud in the midst of the vast sky...insignificant.

This ignites a trapped feeling within Little Chandler, he feels bound to his dull everyday life.
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James Joyce’s “A Little Cloud” and Chandler’s Tears of …

Little Chandler is just shy of average height, but his nickname stems from an impression that forms when you look at him.....he looks fragile.
"His hands were white and small, his frame was fragile, his voice was quiet, and his manners were refined" (67).
Joyce intentionally attempts to point out shortcomings of Chandler.
"I drink very
as a rule, said Little Chandler modestly" (72).

Shy little chandler vs outgoing, wild Gallaher."He remembered the books.....consoled him" (68).
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He cannot physically bring himself to leave the city.
Beyond the inability to leave Dublin, paralysis extends to little Chandlers inability to escape his everyday life.
His character (shy, nervous, uncertainty) and the absence of passion keeps him in this state of paralysis.
Specifically these traits prevent him from the success that Gallaher posses.
At this point the short stories in Dubliners shift towards maturity.
Short Story takes us through little Chandlers boring everyday life.

Lenehan and Little Chandler are similar because they both undermined by another character.
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A summary of chandlers life in a little cloud by james …

The encounter takes place when the boys are on an adventure and when little Chandler is overcome with a feeling of superiority.
A connection can also be made to Two Gallants.

Little Chandler is the main character of the short story

This is inferred when he says that Gallaher was inferior at birth.
In a literary sense...the concept that something that is missing within a piece of literature.
Little Chandler is missing the life he desires.
At the same time he lacks the ability to write well.
We're left at a cliffhanger.

The little cloud- short story character analysis

This scene places emphasis on little Chandlers shyness so much to the point that he can't read a poem to his wife, meanwhile Gallaher is publishing his works for the London Press.
It can also be said that Little Chandler strives for Gallaher's lifestyle.
"He felt acutely the contrast between his own life and his friend's, and it seemed to him unjust" (78).
We can see Little Chandler is upset by the fact that he had not become as big, if not bigger than Gallaher because everything was in his favor.

A summary of chandlers life in a little cloud by james ..

He is stuck in his everyday life in Ireland.
Little Chandler reaches a realization of this when the infant starts crying--he is trapped in his everyday life as a husband/parent.

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James Joyce feels trapped in Ireland similarly to little Chandler.
Little Chandler cannot start his career as a poet, he cannot travel to London like Gallaher.