The Lords see and know. In the interweavement is the greatest law.

Tension of energy is the transformation of an undifferentiated element into active vibrations.

Humans are lord of the flies level ..

(LHR I, p 146)
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Chain of Hierarchy – There is one chain of the Hierarchy of Light, which continues into Infinity and all true Carriers of Light who appear and who are still on our Earth are links of it.

Man is exasperated at calamities, but the law of Causality points out to him the sources of same.

Which Bullies and Victims Are Present in Lord of the Flies and Dna

Sometimes this voice is known as our conscience.
It is also quite true that many people have friends and relatives who, having passed on before them, sometimes intervene in their lives, trying to direct and help them.
The real Guardian Angels are the Great Spirits, the Hierarchy of Light, the Great Sacred Fraternity, which is always guarding the human needs and evolution.

(INF I, 372)

When we say "fierily" it means ardently; it means by the higher ways; it means in pure spirit; it means through beauty; it means through the understanding of the Common Good; it means without self-interest, without egotism; it means by applying the Teaching.

A summary of Themes in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain

The adherence of the heart to Hierarchy is a continuous action, but at present We are pointing out particular instances when it becomes necessary to strengthen the heart with the manifestation of Hierarchy with especial clarity of consciousness.

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This cleavage is cruel, and the lost thread turns into a thin cobweb of reality.
We, the Brothers of Humanity, know that there exists a great unembellished and indestructible Reality.

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(FW III, 42)

Heroine Sisters
– The idea of a mission for women was my dream from early youth; I called it "The Community of the Heroine Sisters" and I imagined them bringing light and joy into the hard conditions of the life of our country.

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It is the awakening of perceptions which never can be developed by any mechanical means but which comes as the result of accumulations of uninterrupted spiritual aspirations and self-sacrifices over thousands of years; and these results are manifestsed in the most subtle energies, which are stored and preserved in the Chalice.

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The enemy’s entrance into the stronghold is not a matter of auto-suggestion, but far worse; the defenders of the stronghold, instead of resisting, open the gates to the enemy.

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(LHR I, p 458)

The impetus for its (intellect) development was given by the Great Spirits, the Sons and Daughters of Wisdom (Elohims) who came from the higher worlds and were incarnated at the end of the third race.

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It is such an important principle that Hermes ends his treatise with the words, "Blessed are those who have chosen the path of Illumination."
The symbol of the anointing of kings has the same basis.