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In 1964, Malcolm X made a pilgrimage to Mecca and changed his name to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz.

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Later in the morning, Jamie is back at the brothel with Fergus, dealing with a shipment of smuggled brandy and with the excisemen on his heels. He hears a gunshot and goes running to the stairwell to find Claire sitting down with a dead man in her lap. Claire explains that Mr. Willoughby shot the man. Jamie wraps the body in Claire's shawl, and he and Claire take it downstairs to a hidden cellar which Jamie uses for his smuggling operation.

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The next morning, Jamie and Claire are surprised by a visit from Ian, who has come to search for Young Ian. Ian is disgusted at finding Jamie in a brothel and then shocked to his core to find Claire with him. When he recovers himself, he tells Jamie and Claire that Young Ian had left home over a week ago, leaving only a note saying he was going to his uncle. Upon learning that Jamie has not seen Young Ian, both Ian and Jamie are worried. They both leave to look for him, leaving Claire behind at the brothel.

Claire washes the blood off herself using some of the water that Jamie has piped down from the roof to cut the brandy. When Claire tells Jamie the dead man is an exciseman, Jamie is shocked. He looks at the man's face and checks his pockets where he finds only a small Bible. Jamie heaves a sigh of relief as he realizes the man is not one of Edinburgh's excisemen. Jamie explains to Claire that he bribes the to turn a blind eye to his smuggling, and so the real excisemen do not come into the brothel.

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They find Mr. Willoughby seriously drunk in the basement of The World's End tavern. As Jamie is carrying him out, a prostitute recognizes Mr. Willoughby and accuses him of doing disgusting things to her feet. Her companions become aggressive, and Jamie and Claire are forced to run for it, with Jamie carrying Mr. Willoughby.

SparkNotes: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Jamie suddenly notices how late the hour is, and realizes he was supposed to get Mr. Willoughby from the tavern at noon and it is now after four. He hastily throws on some shoes and asks Claire if she will come with him. She replies that wild horses wouldn't stop her.

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Claire realizes that while she has had months to prepare herself for this reunion, Jamie has had no time at all. Claire asks him if he's sorry she came back. Jamie grips her tightly and says no, very definitely. He then tells Claire that she is pronouncing Brianna's name wrong – it should be pronounced -anah, and it's a beautiful name.

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Claire and Jamie are walking back to the print shop in the evening when they realize there is a fire in Carfax Close. They rush there to discover that it is Jamie's print shop that is on fire. Jamie rushes in to save his printing press and, aided by others, he manages to remove it from the shop just before the stairs cave in. Jamie is trying to catch his breath outside when Claire and Ian rush up, yelling that Young Ian is trapped upstairs in the building. Jamie accesses the print shop roof via the chocolate shop next door and drags Young Ian out. Ian throws a rope up to Jamie, and Jamie and Young Ian are lowered safely to the ground.

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Jamie asks Claire what his daughter's name is. When Claire tells him it's Brianna, he's taken aback and reflexively says that it's an awful name. Claire is upset and tells Jamie that he told her to name their child after his father, . Jamie admits that he thought the baby would be a boy, and Claire angrily demands to know if he's sorry that she isn't. Jamie replies that of course he isn't sorry, but both Brianna and Claire are a huge shock to him.