In Motion Lesson Plan: The Great Migration, Mapping …

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On the Move: Mapping Migration | Smithsonian Folklife Festival

At the 2016 Folklife Festival’s tent, volunteers asked visitors these questions and more. It was part of our “Mapping on the Move” activity, combining a digital survey and a physical map exercise. Visitors were able to map their places of birth, residence, and “home” with pushpins and lengths of yarn, while answering the survey questions.

Mapping Migration – Show Me Shiny

If the user who executes the migration is not linked to a data language, the migration process links this user to the base language. You can change this manually after the migration.

Based on the data language mapping scheme, users and software languages linked to old ISO 639-2 data languages are linked to the corresponding new data languages.

Mapping Mediterranean migration - BBC News

Infor Enterprise Server still works with the old ISO 639-2 data languages. However, to use the new data language coding standards, a migration of the existing data languages might be required.

U.S. County Migration Patterns - Census Flows Mapper

Q: Isn't that a lot of work?
A: Well, yes. But no mapping software can generate a map like this, without the clutter of superfluous information.

In Motion Lesson Plan: The Great Migration, Mapping ..

Q: What mapping software do you use?
A: None. The map is artwork produced by hand; the dots are placed by eyeball after looking up each report in Google Maps. Reports are mapped if they illustrate migration progress, and fit without reducing legibility.

Configure Visual Studio Team Services mapping during code migration

If you don't have a complex tool to do the mapping of all your systems, then one approach that is a step above the "lots of excel sheets and powerpoint slides" approach, is to use a tool like Microsoft Viso. I've used it successfully to map applications, by having the drawing and the interfaces BE the database. This ensures that everything in the drawing is on the interface list, and everything on the interface list shows up on the drawing.

What is Data Mapping? - Bridging the Gap

However, it is important to get User involvement right from the start, and
to get User sign-off at the end when all the Data has been successfully migrated.

MSSQL to MySQL Data migration using MySQL workbench …

In the ERP project where I used this technique, we identified over 1500 interfaces between hundreds of application instances. The ERP project was a very large effort with hundreds of project resources, and multiple phased projects implementing a new common system. The actual original mapping took two people about 3 months to do. They had to work with about 30 different applications support people to systematically map all the applications, and the interfaces, one by one.