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In an interview with in the Boston Review, author the shocking fact that Toronto’s two preeminent “global superstars” — Margaret Atwood and Drake — have never met face-to-face.

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Margaret Atwood: Louise, you were writing away at Future Home of the Living God—starring Cedar, your pregnant heroine—but then you put it in a drawer. However, just recently you took it out of the drawer and finished it, in what must have been a blue-hot blaze of energy. Why did you stop writing it? And what made you resurrect it?

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Yes, it sounds familiar, doesn’t it—unless you’ve been living under a rock and missed
cleaning up at the Emmys, or the fact that the book by the great Margaret Atwood has been on Amazon’s list of its top-20 most-read books for months.
So who better to interview Erdrich about her new novel than Atwood? Lo and behold: They agreed! Over the summer, the two writers—one in Toronto, one in Minnesota—amid jaunts to the Arctic and Winnipeg, engaged in a cross-border digital interview about the novel, their prophetic fears, politics, climate change, and why we idealize Canada.