Jessie Heidemann: Matching dream jobs with dream candidates

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It is important to note that when considering WRP students for internships or permanent positions, employers should conduct the application and interview process according to their usual recruitment, hiring and onboarding procedures. DirectEmployers and EARN simply provide the opportunity to match qualified pre-screened candidates with disabilities to jobs in the private sector; there is no post-employment support provided to the employer or the employee.

Methods for matching a job opening and/or a job candidate with a job type are provided

An individual resigns to take another job

Optimum's strength is putting people at ease, then getting to know their possibilities and working with them to reach their potential. Every candidate has something to offer. It is a question of matching the right candidate with the right job.

Perhaps that's why we place such a high value on job candidates' life experiences, rather than looking only at their formal education. The counsellors of Optimum, knows that steel must be forged in fire to withstand the stress of industry.