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It is usually up to you and the hiring firm to decide who should serve as a mediator or an arbitrator. You can normally choose anyone you want unless your contract restricts your choice.

If you believe that a mediator has violated the ethical standards for mediators, you may  with the Dispute Resolution Center.

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is an Italian attorney and professional mediator. Ms. Sgubini has over 10 years experience in the field of law, international law, and dispute resolution. She holds the J.D. degree from the University of Milan, Italy, and is currently a licensed attorney in Italy and a member of the Milan Bar Association. In 2001 Ms. Sgubini completed advanced studies in International Business Transactions from the University of San Diego, California. In 2003, she earned an L.L.M. degree at California Western School of Law with a specialty in International Law and Dispute Resolution.

is in her third year of law school at California Western School of Law. Mara received her Bachelor of Arts in political Science and History from Rutgers University in 1998. She worked as a research assistant for the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies in Washington D.C. and later went on to do graduate work at the University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia. Mara taught History at a college preparatory high school in New Jersey for three years before deciding to pursue a Juris Doctor at California Western. In addition to her law degree, she plans on earning a concentration in International and Comparative Law from California Western, and is a certified mediatior with Bridge Mediation.

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Mediation and arbitration are usually much faster than lawsuits in court. Most arbitrations and mediations are concluded in less than six months. Court litigation often takes years. Arbitration and mediation are usually far cheaper than a lawsuit.

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An arbitrator’s role is very different from that of a mediator. Unlike a mediator, who seeks to help the parties resolve their dispute themselves, an arbitrator decides on and imposes a solution him- or herself.


Mediation/Arbitration (med-arb) is a combination of mediation and arbitration and, is a short-hand reference to the mediation-arbitration procedure. In med-arb procedure, the parties to a dispute mutually agree to mediate the dispute with an undertaking that, if the issues are not settled through the mediation process, then they will resolve the dispute by arbitration.

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Combining mediation and arbitration in sequence can be a fair, efficient and cost-effective process for resolving disputes. A med-arb proceeding may appeal to clients because it offers them more control over the process than they would have in “pure” arbitration, by giving the parties the opportunity to pursue a consensual settlement during the mediation phase, but also promises parties greater finality than they would have in a “pure” mediation, by assuring them a certain end to the dispute, if, not by agreement, then by binding arbitration.

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Although mediation and arbitration have the same goal in mind, a fair resolution of the issues at hand, there are some major differences which both parties must understand beforehand.

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No one can be forced into arbitration or mediation, you must agree to it. Business contracts today commonly include an arbitration provision. Many also require mediation. This is primarily because of two factors: speed and cost.