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In the poem “Nikki-rosa”, she uses her childhood as the basis of this story.

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I totally agree with your assessment of "Cygnet Committee" but I really can't stand "The Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud" and "Memory of a Free Festival." Excruciating stuff, this is only one for die hard fans.

My friends have memories of playing, laughing, riding bikes, and family road trips.

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It’s fun to read all these comments and the memories from so long ago. I started in kindegarden in 1949 at Roseville and was there till mid 1956 when my parents purchased a rural property in Armidale that year and the family moved to the country. I remember the Rosie baths very well as would wouls spend all our school holiday there in summer. One of my first teachers was Mrs Goddard in kinda I think ! I remember, Mr Loudon, Mr Hill, Mr Hart. and Mr Maitland. I remember well, John Henderson, Bruce Ramsey, Brian Inder, and many others. I had a crush on two girls then, Pam Barham and Patty Winter ! Patty used to live across the road from the school and Pam lived down in Roseville Chase. Somedays I would walk her home after school cutting through the golf course after dropping my bag off at home as live in Roseville Ave near the Golf Club………

My most vivid memories from childhood are of red and blue police lights flashing in my eyes.

submitted by Suzanne Devine (nee Landers) – 6th Class 48
Alison Crane Thompson mentioned Miss Donnelly in her memory piece which brought back the deep memories I have of that teacher. She taught me in 3rd and 4th grades and was always collecting money for “Gould League of Birds” badges – we all secretly thought the money went for cigarettes! My father died during that time and she was incredibly kind to me – something I never forgot. She was a somewhat sad woman but meant well and read us wonderful stories every Friday afternoon. My years at Roseville Primary School were a long time ago but they gave me a solid foundation in an uncertain world. I remember a lot of friends and am so happy that many of them will be at the reunion.

Lawrence are two poems in which grown men recall memories of their childhood.

Music has a highly evocative power of bringing back memories

submitted by Janette (Jan) Dunshea (nee Henderson) – 6th Class 50
I remember clearly Miss Goddard and Miss Ayling and I have happy memories of school. I loved the camphor laurels and Arbor Day. I did not like the warm milk. I loved going home for lunch everyday. I loved swimming Friday mornings at the baths. Lots of memories. Look forward to attending.

in “Piano” makes the memories in the poem seem so ..

Cat's story again evoked childhood memories of the Great Depression and of what it meant to the children of the nineteen thirties.

, 1995, is set in the Big Sur country on the California coast and involves a brother and sister who discover the secrets of a deserted mansion.

In 1996 a series of slightly shorter novels center around the exploits and adventures of a group of kids who live around a cul-de-sac called Castle Court.

to tell.A stunning write about fond memories of childhood

This poem stands out in the sequence of surrounding poems, as it does not directly follow the family narrative that has been accumulating in the past half-dozen pages. The key to its role in the sequence is in the second quatrain;

A look at the poem "Piano" by D.H. Lawrence

To begin with, memories add a flavour of perceived thought about what the past holds dear to us and are therefore synonymous to history, helping to retell the author’s story, who wishes to convert each and every reader into an artist and commentator of the history of Istanbul....

Memories - Roseville Public School Reunion - …

submitted by Trish Kemmis (nee Hall) – 6th Class 51
So many memories of RPS – walking up Archbold Rd to school, my sisters, brother and I – seeing Miss Moore walking too – Monty the brilliant bus driver who knew where everyone got on and where to drop them off – not always at the designated bus stop which made one feel special! The warm milk in small bottles, cold if you were fortunate – marching in the playground to music piped out of the loud speaker above the steps. The boy’s dept downstairs and we upstairs – going to the mysterious boy’s dept for assemblies – Miss Ayling and Miss Goddard – Miss Jurd. Walking to Roseville Theatre for Speech Day – sports carnival up at the sports ground in Clanville Road. Bronwyn & Dick, thanks so much for organising the reunion we are looking forward to it very much