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Re: If men are not superior to women why is it called HIStory and not HERstory?

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Notethat men and women sprang from the same source-material, and while her creationwas an afterthought on God’s part it was done as a favor to man, and thatwhile woman was the tempter, man was a willing participant in the crime thatled to their expulsion from .

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Anything visible was beautifuland designed to make her irresistible to men, but all of the hiddencharacteristics, the ones that made up her true personality, were deliberatelyintended to bring sorrow, harm and trouble to man.[10] It was not a prettypicture.Theepic poem, , features anumber of prominent women, only one of whom was mortal.

The constant revolution of days and years, determin'd the wiseacres of old to assert that all the celestial orbs move round the earth: And custom, ever prevailing custom, drags the major part of our contemporary book-worms to follow their opinion. Whereas the very same , if we maturely consider, may equally incline us to think, that the earth itself is a planet, and moves with the rest of the planets round the sun. What mighty superiority of reason then have these over-grown boys over lesser children? Both argue alike from appearances: The former see, from the diversify'd positions of the earth and sun, that there is motion in one of them; and because they feel not the agitation in the earth they stand upon, therefore precipitately conclude that it is the sun moves round them, and not they round the sun. The latter insensible of the motion of a coach, fancy, when in one, that the houses pass by them, and not they by the houses. Are not both led in their judgments by like principles? Yet with this difference still, that these are less obstinate in error, and more ready to be set right, than they.

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But be this as it may, certain it is, that bare strength intitles the to nosuperiority above , as I have already remark'd. Otherwise brutes woulddeserve the pre-eminence of them. And among themselves, the strongest manought to be the chief in power. Whereas we plainly see that, generallyspeaking, the strongest are only fit to make drudges to the rest; and particularlyin armies, they who have most of brutal vigour are often useful only forfascines to men much weaker than themselves to mount a breach. On the otherhand men who have less strength have very often the most brains. The wisest, the ablest , and the greatest have not always had thebest constitutions. was no match in strength with Sir . Anda perhaps might have routed an army with more ease than hecou'd have wrestled with the meanest of his soldiers.

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Need I bring from to prove the courage of ? Need I run to for a to shew an instance of warlike courage? Wou'd the wife of , who stabbed herself first, to encourage her disponding husband to do the like, have been afraid to mount a breach? Wou'd not she, who cou'd snatch the knife from her bleeding breast, and with an unconcern'd countenance, gave it to , adding, P : Wou'd not she, I say, have been equally capable of animating with persuasion and example an army in the defence of her country? Let boast it's ; and other nations glory in their numberless stole of warlike . We need not go out of to seek heroines, while we have annals to preserve their illustrious names. To whom did owe it's deliverance from the tyrannic yoke of the ? But to pass over the many instances of warlike bravery in our sex, let it suffice to name a , who made the most glorious stand against the in the defence of her country, that ever that great empire was witness to; and if her endeavours did not meet with the success of an , a , or a , in his fortunate days, her courage and conduct were such, as render her worthy to be consider'd equal, if not superior, to them all, in bravery and wisdom; not to mention the nicer justice of her intentions.

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Thus far I think it evidently appears, that there is no , , or , which have not an equal right to share in with the : Since there can be no superiority, but that of brutal strength, shewn in the , to entitle them to engross all and to themselves: nor any incapacity proved in the , to disqualify them of their right, but what is owing to the unjust oppression of the , and might be easily removed. With regard however to warlike employments, it seems to be a disposition of that custom has exempted us from them. As sailors in a storm throw overboard their more useless lumber, so it is but fit that the shou'd be exposed to the dangers and hardships of war, while we remain in safety at home. They are, generally speaking, good for little else but to be our bulwarks: and our smiles are the most noble rewards which the bravest of them all ought to desire, or can deserve, for all the hazards they encounter, and for all the labours they go thro' for our defence, in the most tedious campaign.